imagingImaging: this a mysterious concept to many people. It means you create your own reality. In the most esoteric sense, if life “out there” is illusion, then it is created by our own thoughts. We are the center of the world, it is a manifestation of our imagination.

If this seems a little far out, try this: THOUGHT IS CREATIVE. In other words, what you think turns into what you believe which turns into the way you experience things, which then forms the whole content of your life.

The image you have of yourself comes true.

What If You Feel Like Imaging Took You to the Wrong Place?

When I am in the middle of a not-too-thrilling phase of my life, and it occurs to me that somehow I have created this effect through my thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, I can get mildly hysterical.

Here I am, working so hard on myself, becoming a better and more aware person, and still creating these emotional pits. I wonder what I could do to alter the situation–in the midst of my negativity I am overwhelmed by the possibilities. By the responsibility. I get tired of trying. I want to give up.

It is at this point that I see a way out: Surrender. Quit trying. Quit mobilizing. It is self-defeating, stressful, and hugely exhausting to mobilize when you really want to crawl into a ball.

Am I advocating despair? No. I ask you to remember what happened every time you thought you’d hit bottom. Every time you were stuck in one place emotionally so long you thought some of you had died and you’d be stuck there forever.

I know what happened for me. One day out of all the days, I relaxed about it. I felt whatever I was feeling, I stopped being ashamed, I decided I wouldn’t fight the downward pull anymore. If the bottom of the pit was beckoning, I’d go. And right then, when I stopped insisting that I DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, something new happened. A new idea, a new project, a new man.

From inside of me a thought came forward and presented itself. I’d been making so much noise I couldn’t hear. I followed the impulse (sometimes because there wasn’t much else to do) and it always took me somewhere. Do you have a similar experience of this?

 How to Make Imaging Work for You

So. I’m really saying two opposite things at a time.

One is to RE-PROGRAM THE COMPUTER. The computer being your brain. Reprogramming meaning turning your negative thoughts around into positive ones. Dwelling on the positive thoughts and letting the negative ones slide by: writing affirmations, doing clearing exercises (more about this later), in general re-doing your belief system so what shows up “out there” in the world reflects your lighter, happier, more productive insides.

Imaging is a great technique for this.

The idea of it goes back to Maxwell Maltz and Pscho-Cybernetics, when we thought all that was just for some odd people, and now is popular as Creative Visualization, Guided Meditation, and under other names. It says simply that if you can do it in your head, you can do it out in the world.


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