attract his attentionby Allana Pratt


If you want to attract his attention – it’s all about being unpredictable and reconnecting with that place where you seemed to have unending energy to make him happy, surprise him, be your most radiant self… where you felt invincible in being able to attract his attention and affection. It’s only little wounds of misunderstandings, hurts or disappointments that slowly begin to build a shield around us in protection of our hearts… we have to remember that love can’t be destroyed, passion can’t be extinguished unless we let it.

WE have the power to remove the veils and lower the shields and show up spontaneously and unpredictably for him.

Some Quick Ways to Attract His Attention

*When he comes home from work, you attack him the minute he walks in the door, press him right up against the door and don’t even let him put down his things…

*Leave a note in a lacy bra in his briefcase to come home for a quickie

*Send him a video to his cell phone just of your breasts and your sultry voice saying you want him now

*Lay rose petals from the door up to your room… even if you do it from the TV room to your bedroom once the kids are down…

Do it for YOU first to feel how fun it is to be naughty, sexy, fully expressed and alive.

Being Unattached To The Results Will Attract His Attention Without WORK

Instead – just do it for the sake of being juicy!

Let him know how happy it makes you to have him as your man… he may be suspicious and ask what you want… well tell him!!

I want you to ravish me NOW!

Have fun with it… don’t come from something’s wrong or from making him wrong… let it all go and start fresh in the moment and be YOU!


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