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If you find yourself working 12, 15, 18 hour days and still aren’t bringing in sizeable income, this article is for you.
As I m sure you all know, making money is never just about one thing. Every money-making venture requires many tasks and focuses of energy. The difficulty comes when your energies are focused on a lot of tasks that, though important for your overall endeavor, are not direct routes to actually generating money.

You don’ t have to keep scraping by.

Take a moment to step back and look at how you re allocating your time. Branding, office organization, posting job ads for an assistant all of these things are important to any successful business. But, these are also areas that don’t directly contribute to cash in your bank account.

If you’re struggling to make your car payment then you shouldn’t be spending half your day hunting for a better fax machine or tweaking your letterhead. Your time should go towards making contact with new clients, producing a product, or arranging to have a vendor table at an upcoming conference. There are a few ways to make sure you’re spending your valuable time in ways that lead to your highest goals.

Here are my top 6 tips to generating cash:

1. Keep a detailed schedule. This may sound like a given, but you’d be surprised how many women start off with a strong intention to keep their calendars up to date, but then let it fall through the cracks as an optional task. Or, they only use their calendars to hold appointments and not to organize their own money making projects. A well-maintained schedule lets you stay organized, but it also allows you to look at a page and analyze how you’re spending your time. Every morning when you sit down with your cup of coffee/tea/juice, take a look at your schedule and look for opportunities to increase focus on tasks that directly lead to bringing in income in the immediate future.

2. Get involved. Join local networking groups, go to seminars, attend specialized conferences in your field. Try out teleclasses that have the potential for you to meet new clients and joint venture partners in the course itself, therefore directly growing your business profits. Whether you sell a tangible product or you offer a service, connecting with people is how to fast-track you making money.

3. Do the 2 tasks you want to do least, first. This is some of the great advice my business consultant has given me. Sometimes we fill our time with less-pressing tasks because we want to avoid other projects that may be more important, if less interesting. Get the challenging stuff out of the way first thing in the morning. It s a drain on your mental and physical energy to be quietly stressing, all day long, about the three things you don t want to do but that must get done. Avoiding vital tasks is just one more way you keep yourself from the money you should be making.

4. Shift your mindset. This is probably the most important element to going from grueling hours and no pay, to making the real profits your work should be yielding. If you are truly single-mindedly pursuing your financial goals, nothing can stand between you and the highest outcome of your goal. In the beginning, before you start a new task or while you set your schedule for the day, ask yourself, “Is this directly related to my financial goals?” You will slowly reorient yourself towards setting better priorities.

5. Make your goal specific. You need to have a specific target you’re moving towards, otherwise your direction will shift around. Specific goals are necessary for logistics, but even more powerfully for the purpose of manifesting your intentions. Know the exact dollar amount you want, and set a specific amount of time in which to achieve that goal. You can’t visualize and manifest anything without knowing what it is you’re working towards.

6. Stay on top of your game. Read the publications of your field, watch videos that are both informative and inspiring when you need a little boost to get done what needs to get done. Do whatever it takes to keep your fire burning and your eye on the prize.

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