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How do you know when your feelings of hurt or anger are really a projection?

If you’ve ever found yourself fuming at your man, wondering how he could be so insensitive, boorish, if you’ve ever you felt wounded, if you’ve ever thought he’s acting weird, or he seems off, withdrawn, then this is something you want to ask.

I came to a point in my journey when I started to really question this, wondering if maybe my bad feeling feelings surrounding my man – the constant feeling that he’d hurt me – had NOTHING to do with him after all, but were instead my own projection.

If You Feel Like He’s Hurt You – Can That Be A Projection?

It’s actually difficult if not impossible differentiating between your feelings, your energy, and your triggers from what you THINK is coming from HIM.

Usually we simply react, but as you grow, you may start to ponder this, and then you might try instead to look inside for signs from your intuition.

And it’s still mostly impossible to separate it out. Your feelings WILL color everything. What is you? What is him? Did he hurt you on purpose, by accident – or are you just “sensitive” and interpreting everything he says as “hurt”? How can you really know?

Ask yourself: Am I deep into projection? How does this hurt feel inside me – and where is it coming from?

What set it off? Was it something I KNOW he was dong on purpose?  Or is it me imagining what he “meant” by what he said?  Did he neglect me to hurt me?  Or is he just forgetful – or perhaps always only thinking of himself around everyone?

I have learned that most of the time when I THINK I sense something from my man, it’s more than likely ME, some old thought or habit, or I fell into a less than good feeling feeling which triggered me.

So Instead of Looking to Him for Answers or Blame, Instead of Focusing on Him Being the Source of Hurt…:

Simply assume it’s you and your stuff.

  1. Go deep down inside to find the hurt, and see what you can heal or at least allay the anxiety that’s arising.

If the FEELING persists, the sense that something may be up with him after all –

  1. Speak up.
  2. Tell him that you’ve been feeling uneasy around him lately or that you feel some strange energy or that you feel disconnected from him. Tell him it seems as though something is bothering him or on his mind. That’s all you need to say.
  3. If he says everything is okay, BELIEVE him.

Most people are completely unaware that what they think about others is mostly determined by how they feel within themselves at any given moment. If you don’t feel at ease and good within yourself, how can you possible feel at ease and good about others?

Relationships are for healing and transforming, and when you can do this successfully, the projection of your own feelings and expectations will cease – and the hurt will fade.

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