by Allsingle momana Pratt

Something I find when we become very busy as a mom – especially as a single mom – is that we have a lot of things to do and taking care of ourselves goes to the bottom of our list, if it even makes it on list.

One of the first feelings for me that came up when I started to take care of myself was a feeling of shame, feeling of guilt. Who am I to take care of myself first when there is laundry to do, dishes to do, dinners to be made and having this family that I truly wanted to have?

I had to start saying, “I am willing to feel this shame and this guilt right now”. I am going to go take a bath, just for half an hour, and my son can watch a video. He will be fine. A half hour with a video while I pamper myself in the tub is not going to ruin him for life.

Tonight we are going to get take out. I am not going to make dinner tonight. The cook is calling in a ME day.

Before you were wife, before you were mom…

Before You Were a Single Mom, You Were You

You are still you.

Be willing to be a little uncomfortable as you begin the journey to being the part of who you were before you became a wife and a mom and then a single mom.

It’s possible to be everyone that you are without neglecting any part of you.

Love, Allana

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