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Today I want to answer a BIG question about EXes and what to do if your ex just wants to be “friends” and you want to be more.

Krystal asks:

“So my ex just wants to be friends and when I sent him some of the suggested texts from

your ‘Text Your Ex Back’ program he said he was concerned that I’m expecting more. I convinced him I am fine with being just friends and in fact agree that the break-up was a good idea but I enjoy our good times. I saw him tonight and he said I looked “well.” Is there ANY hope for me? He did stutter a little (possibly because I looked hot and was feeling confident). It’s only been 1 month since the break up. I appreciate any advice!”

Hey Krystal,

Thanks for your email, you’re doing great.

A couple things:

1. Great job being flippant and “OK.” with being friends.

The key with getting your ex back and using a system like “Text Your Ex Back” is plausible deniability.

You’ve got to keep your ex on his toes and wondering what the heck you’re actually trying to do.

As long as he’s curious and confused you’re doing it right.

2. Yup. There’s hope for you, but there’s no guarantee.

(There’s never a guarantee of success in this situation.)

The more he sees you out in the world, having fun and not NEEDING him the more subconsciously attracted to you he’s going to be.

Love your “I agree, the breakup was a good idea” bit.

3. That said: Don’t actually BE his friend.

If you actually ARE his friend (if he can actually get emotional support from you) there will be no actual need for him to come back to you.

Why would he buy the cow if he gets the emotional milk for free?

Like I like to say “The only way to get him back is to let him go.”

So keep doing what you’re doing. Take care of yourself.

Date other guys.

And use Text Judo to let him know how happy and stable you are.

Then occasionally send him a message that confuses the heck of him and starts reestablishing emotional hooks.


Seriously, if you do that you’ll kill your chances.

If a guy feels like he can have sex with you without having to commit into an actual relationship he’ll see no need at all to even consider starting your relationship up again.

(Weirdly, if you’re a guy who wants a woman back, you want to sleep with her as quickly as possible since it will reestablish the emotional connection you had before.)

Great job, Krystal.

Let me know how it goes from here.

Best, Mike

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