by Kate Dixon

If you are in a sexless marriage, then you have probably already thought of having an affair, right?

But, how much good do you think it will do to your marriage? None!

Different people have different excuses for that ‘one wild fling’.

Let us look at them one by one:

The need for intimacy: Some people coping with a sexless marriage seek out illicit intimate relationships, or affairs, because they want to fulfill their desire for intimacy.

But the problem with an affair is that it seldom stops where you want it to. Soon, physical proximity leads to emotional dependence, and before you know it, one or both of you want to leave your partners. It is the story of the forbidden apple all over again.

The need to get away from it all: If you think that you can put the pain of your sexless marriage out of your mind by engaging in an affair, think again. Any person who is in a dedicated relationship is deeply attached to their partner, regardless of the sex. Indulging in a fling only adds to the burden of guilt, resentment and pain.

The need for a change: Some people believe that an affair can lead them to Mr. or Ms Right. In most cases, you cannot build a new relationship on the ashes of an old one. Besides, finding a person who is the opposite of your spouse will make you resent your spouse even more. In the end, the affair will only widen the gulf without assuring any permanent solution.

An affair can leave you burnt at both ends. Instead, look for ways to mend the bridge. After all, you are in the relationship because at some point in your life, you believed that your other half was worth it. Can you just replace him or her because you’ve run into a major roadblock?

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