better sexby Dominique

Has there ever been a part of you that felt sure you could have better sex with him? Your sex life is okay. Maybe it’s good even. But maybe you sense there must be something more? And don’t know what to do? I can help.

Sex is a very special, intimate, and precious gift when engaged in with someone you love. It’s an expression, a declaration, a sharing, a beautiful flow between two people. It’s a discovery of self in the moment through two hearts beating as one, two bodies melting one into the other.

I think I always knew this to be true, but at one time I just didn’t feel this as deeply as I was sure I could.

It all felt good, but I found myself asking, “Is this it? Is there something I can do to feel even more? Something that might deepen and expand my experience? Something that could make making love more profoundly spiritual?”

I was sure that making love has seemingly limitless potential for exploration of bodily sensations, inside and out, of my heart and my soul. And I wanted to find a way to tap into this well of possibilities.

I discovered this way to make sex better with him:

The First Act of Lovemaking for Better Sex

Try this the next time you make love.

1. From the beginning, pay attention to yourself, notice what’s going on inside of you, the sensations welling in your body.

2. Be acutely aware of your man’s touch wherever it might be, on your face, his lips against yours, his hands caressing your hair, your body, your breasts, your waist, your back, your hips, your thighs.

Every inch of flesh tingles, yes? Some places more than others, but all of it is delicious, yes?

3. Notice if your heart opens and swells. How about your female parts.

You may become highly aroused quickly, or it may be a quieter rise. You may just feel peaceful.

This Feeling is the Second Act of Love Making for Better Sex:

* Now open your eyes. Take him in. Include him.

* See his sparkling eyes. Notice his sensuous smile.

* Can you feel his lust? His desire? His love? His energy butting up against yours? Imagine it if you can’t feel it right away.

* Now allow him to see YOU, all of YOU. Your feminine figure. Your arousal. Your excited anticipation. Your joy. Your heart as much as it will reveal itself in this moment.

Breathe evenly and deeply for better sex during intermission – then…

I call this feeling the third act of love making, as you…

Melt Into Your Finale –

~ Now close your eyes again.

~ Try expanding your senses beyond the two of you. Feel textures. The sheets brushing against your forms. The pillows cradling your heads and limbs. The air surrounding you, enveloping you, breathing life into you. Feel the flickering candlelight warming you, making silky, shadowy shapes against your hearts.

~ Expand your senses further still to the world outside, to all that Mother Nature has to offer. Can you feel her gentle breezes? Her soft aromas. Can you feel the pulse of the universe?

~ Stay very much in your body while imagining this, keep feeling all that you can feel, every trembling, every oscillation, every beat.

~ Continue to stay very much in connection with him too, feeling all that he feels, feeling all that he emits and gives you through his skin, his member, his spirit, his heart.

~ As much as you are able, allow ALL that is to enter you, fill you up, enhance what your being creates, as you surrender to yourself, to your man, to life, to love, moving in a sweet, symbiotic dance.

This is a beautiful way to facilitate more intimate and deeper love making with your man, a lovely way to have better sex with him.

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  1. Me on January 21, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    Yeah, this is what sex SHOULD feel like.. If men didn’t treat us purely as a living object of his disposal for those rare occasions that he wouldn’t prefer to wank to a pornstar getting pummeled and gives you that 2 minutes a fortnight where you feel like you might actually be worth something… But then the sex is shit but you don’t feel right to complain because attest he gave u SOMETHING. That’s better than nothing right?

  2. Sarah on January 25, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Me, welcome, and I’m so sorry this pain is your experience of love and sex. Have you read “Sex and Heart”? If you’re attracting men who treat you like this…there’s so much more out there for you than that! Love, Sarah

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