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Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what the stars say about your relationship. There are things that you simply MUST DO to make a relationship a long-term success.

How do I know? Because I almost lost my soulmate when I made some critical (but common) mistakes. Fortunately, I got it together and got him back!

About the time I was first dating my husband I also started studying astrology (much to his horror…). So, of course – I couldn’t wait to check out his stars with mine. For months I begged him to ask his mother his birth time so I could read his chart and check out our compatibility, but he kept conveniently “forgetting” to…

Finally, once we’d had a few happy months together, one day he blurted out “three fifty a.m.”

“Oh, cool,” I said nonchalantly, as though I hadn’t been dying to find that out for the last few months.

As soon as I got away from him, I raced to my computer and ran his chart, holding my breath. And there – to my relieved and thrilled eyes I saw what I’d hoped and prayed for… Our compatibility was fantastic!

I even called one of my teachers and had him take a look at the data as well.

“Honestly, you guys have the best compatibility I’ve ever seen in twenty-nine years of doing readings,” he said.

Whoo hoo!

I hung up the phone and did a happy dance around my apartment. I knew what that meant – it meant that NO MATTER what happened, my boyfriend and I would be happy. We’d won the “lottery of love” and it was gonna be smooth sailing from here on out. That’s right, our fate was sealed. Nothing could come between us. We had a celestial guarantee and it was IRON CLAD.

(Cue the scratching of a record and the theme music from “Psycho” about now…)

Cut to three years later.

Just when we started talking about getting married and I thought things were all but “nailed down,” we broke up. Over the phone no less…

I was devastated. I couldn’t believe it.

So what had happened? Had our planets moved? Had our charts changed? Had I been duped by the stars?


I had SCREWED up our relationship. I had treated him in a way that had over-ridden the special, blessed combination we shared. What had I done? Oh, many things smart, educated, otherwise emotionally intelligent women do all the time.

-I hadn’t appreciated him.
-I’d brought him all of my doubts.
-I’d tried to change him.
-I’d wanted him to be the way I wanted him to be,
instead of accepting him for who he was.
-I’d talked down to him, telling him what to do.

And in doing these things, I’d abused our relationship.

When he left, I made it my goal to understand what makes relationships work. I spent four years studying and seeking, and soon saw the error of my ways. I desperately wished I could go back in time and do things differently with my sweet boyfriend.

And then, in a miraculous way, he came back. And he wanted to try again. I got my second chance and I couldn’t believe it.

The outcome? I instantly applied all the new relationship tools and techniques I’d learned, and they worked. Boy, did they work…

He was amazed at what a changed woman I was, and we were married within a year, and have never looked back…

I often hear from women who were devastated as I had once been when their boyfriend walked away. “I don’t get it,” they say. “If we were compatible, why didn’t it work?” Women like this make the same mistake I did – they think that if they’re compatible they can mistreat the man or the relationship and he’ll stay, and they’ll get away with it.

But he doesn’t, and they don’t…

Here’s the thing: Good men have LOTS of options. They meet women everywhere. A great man will have women climbing out of the woodwork to be with him. (My husband had a FABULOUS girlfriend within like five minutes of our breakup… good times!)

He will hear from old girlfriends who still want him back, women he works with will have huge crushes on him, women he meets through friends will recognize instantly that he’s a catch…

It’s a big world full of possibility.

So, no matter how great your stars are with a man you need to know how to sustain and nurture your relationship – forever.

Don’t do as I did – don’t lose the man meant for you out of fear, insecurity, or ignorance. Don’t spend years wishing you could rewrite history, and have a second chance with a man you love. You have so much power to lead a man to love, and keep him coming back for more…

I know it because I’ve lived it. And I see it every day.

May God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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