If You Do This, He Won’t Be Able To Resist You

Today I wanted to answer a question I received from a woman in our community who wants to know if silence makes a man miss her.

by Helena Hart

This is a question I get asked pretty often— especially recently.

So hopefully, this will be helpful for you no matter where you’re at in your love life, whether you’re single and looking to meet the right man or if you’re in a relationship and your man is acting distant or pulling away.

The short answer to the question, “Does silence make a man miss you?” is yes, absolutely.

If he likes you or you know if he loves you and cares about you, if you’re in a relationship, basically, if a man is attracted to you and interested in being with you and he doesn’t hear from you for a certain period of time then yes, of course, silence will make a man miss you.

But I do want to mention that all of my tools and everything I teach hinges on authenticity.

So I would never recommend pretending that you’re busy or playing hard to get in an attempt to make a man feel something or get him to do something.

All of those games and strategies they might get your short-term result but they’ll never get you the permanent lasting results that I know you’re looking for in your love life.

Being authentic and having this be a part of who you are is so important to attract the man you want and keep his energy coming towards you continually.

Basically, you want to have a full complete life outside of a man and radiate out who you are as a person. That will really attract a man toward you if he’s the right man for you.

If a man texts you or calls you— he initiates contact in some way— absolutely, go ahead and respond to him whenever you are available.

A lot of coaches might say to wait a few hours or even a day to respond so you don’t seem too eager but I’ve found that that can really cut off the momentum.

So if a man shows up and he contacts you, go ahead and respond to him. If you’re really busy doing something else, of course, stay with what you’re doing while you’re doing it.

You don’t have to jump to a man and respond every time he shows up immediately. But whenever you have some time, go ahead and respond to him.

Responding is a very feminine energy quality.

You want to think of yourself as constantly responding to a man.

He shows up— he texts you, you text him back.

If he calls and leaves a message, go ahead and call him back when you get a chance.

Get away from playing games or implementing temporary strategies like using silence to make a man miss you because men can pick it up in your vibe if you’re playing games with him.

He’ll know it’s just all about him that you’re trying to do something to affect him in some way.

…And that will keep him at a distance or make him push you away on a very deep unconscious level.

Now, let’s say you don’t hear from him for a while— maybe a couple days— and it’s someone you’re dating or who you’re interested in. Typically that might cause you to want to jump into your masculine energy and start contacting him, pursuing him or even really chasing him in obvious ways.

A lot of times it’s subtle. A man pulls away and naturally, we might feel this urge to lean forward and either figure out what happened or get that connection going again.

That’s where women can run into trouble.

Because that energy of jumping into our masculine energy and trying to get the connection back, push things forward or move the relationship along, will cause the man to lose interest or lose attraction for you on a very deep, unconscious level.

He might not be able to put his finger on it but he might just feel his desire to pursue you fading away or shrinking a little bit.

So you want to make sure you’re always in your feminine energy and not playing games.

The key is really having a full life outside of him so you’re not always available every single time he asks you out or contacts you.

It has to be authentic.

You want to build your complete life outside of him.

If a man is asking you out last minute and you’re just not available, don’t be cold, ignore him or let him know he should have asked you out sooner because that can make him feel like he can’t do anything right.

Let’s say a man asks you out last minute. I know a lot of women experiencing that these days.

What you want to do is say something to him like:

“Oh, it feels so good to hear from you. I would love to see you. Unfortunately, I am booked tonight.” “I’m not available this weekend. I’m free next week on these specific days.”

That will keep his masculine energy coming towards you if you’re not immediately shooting him down, ignoring him or acting cold towards him.

You want to think of everything in terms of space and softness.

I talk about space and softness a lot and it’s basically staying in your feminine energy.

You’re creating space for him to come towards you.

That means you’re not actively pursuing, chasing and being the one to initiate contact with him.

Staying out of your masculine energy and stepping into your feminine energy creates the space for a man to come towards you. Then, when he shows up, you want to be warm, open and receptive to him. That’s the softness part of feminine energy.

Creating space between you in and of itself is not enough. You also need the softness in order to really make a man miss you.

If a man shows up and he’s automatically hit with questions from you like:

  • “Where have you been?”
  • “Why did it take you so long to contact me?”
  • “Why haven’t you asked me out for the weekend yet?”

Your energy conveys that you’re disappointed in him constantly. This is not going to compel him to keep coming toward you and he won’t miss you when you’re not around.

In order to make a man really miss you, you want to have that softness as well as creating that space for him to come toward you at the same time.

Space and softness is really important. That will encourage men to keep showing up and pursuing you. It basically keeps his energy coming towards you throughout all the stages of dating and throughout the entire relationship.

I hope that answered your question, “Does silence make a man miss you?” and gave you some ways to be authentic about this and stay in your feminine energy which will really encourage a man to step up and be the kind of man that you want him to be for you in a relationship.

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