If He’s Still Around In Your Dreams – Is He There To Teach You About Love?

Here’s a personal story about a man who didn’t “work out” but who still shows up from time to time in my dreams….

by Rori Raye

I was 12 years older than him, but we didn’t know it. It was a long time ago, and I’ll always think I almost married him – white picket fence and all.

I met him in a computer store, in the early days of computers, when I was an actress writing screenplays, and he made his living pulling the backs off computers and switching the parts around inside before he closed them back up.

On our first date, the chemistry was through the roof, but the conversation was stiff and almost weird, as though we were in two different Universes trying to discover a common language.

At the end of the dinner part of the date, we got into his car, and he leaned in to kiss me.

The moment his lips touched mine, it was all over, I was his, he was mine, and only 20 seconds (I think I must have counted) after the separation of our lips, the weirdness crossed my mind and I said “how old are you?”

When he told me, I thought I’d die of the weirdness, and when he asked me back and I had to tell the truth, I thought I’d die of embarrassment.

And then he took me home to where he lived with his father and mother (yes, he had a private entrance in the back), we had sex, and for the whole next year there was no weirdness, just his love and devotion and mental brilliance along with a deep sense of impossibility.

I believed that white picket fence was truly just around the corner.

He was a genius, I thought, and he’d be in demand as soon as he graduated from college.

As it turned out, he was – very much – in demand. But I was gone by then.

And not because of the weirdness, and not because he didn’t want the white picket fence with me, too, and not because he was so young.

I was gone because it was impossible.

We really were from different Universes, and we never really learned to speak the same language. You can bridge age, you can bridge personalities, you can even bridge timing. I suppose some people can even bridge Universes.

What we couldn’t bridge was fear. Mine. The fear that made me push him away…

I still think of him. I wonder where he is and what he’s doing, and who he’s with and how many children he has. And I wonder if in some parallel Universe we’re together, because he’s still in my dreams.

He doesn’t haunt them, or hurt me in them. In my dreams, he still loves me, carries me around, kisses me, makes emotional and physical fire with me, and it seems as if he’s always taking me somewhere better than the place I’m in when he enters the dream.

So he’s still in my life, somewhere. Impossible, yes, futile, no. Gone, yes, gone forever, no.

Everything he was to me and everything he taught me, and everything he brings me in my dreams – I use in the fantastic marriage I have now with my fantastic husband.

Whenever I think of him, I feel in my heart how he once gave me, and continues to give me, a new piece of my ability to move beyond fear and into love with the man I love now.

Love is strange and mysterious, and impossible is just a word – so don’t ever give up.

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