loveby Carol Allen

Are you too tired to date and look for love?

Do you just want to crawl home at the end of a long week and collapse on the couch on Friday nights with the dog and a good TV show? You’re not alone…

Modern women have been “sold a bill of goods.” We were told we could “have it all.”

And we can – there’s just one little problem. We weren’t told THE REST OF THE SENTENCE which is, “Just not all at once.”

If you’re like many fabulous single women, you’re likely single because you’re so busy with
EVERYTHING else in your life (like work!) that you don’t have time to meet men. And all those fairy tales and romantic comedies you were fed as a young girl led you to think that your love life would just magically “work out.”

To quote Dr. Phil – “How’s that working for ya?”

The truth is, finding and keeping a great relationship takes the same kind of focus and effort as being successful at your job, or getting an education.

But there’s a way to “work smarter, not harder” when it comes to love.

Finding Love:

Do you have a hard time meeting men?

Does it seem like you never like the ones you meet, or worse – you just clam up and lose whatever charm or personality you have when you DO like someone? Which has the lovely side-effect of making them find you about as romantically attractive and interesting as wallpaper…

And then, of course, you’re the most playful, adorable, and funny with the ones you’re NOT interested in, making them just WORSHIP you – right?

Isn’t that the WORST?

So, where do you go to find men you could like? Where are they, anyway?

Where do great men go?

And, if you did happen to trip over one, what are you supposed to DO?

I can tell you, but this will be shocking so brace yourself…


I’m not kidding… They’re at the grocery store, they’re at the laundry mat, they’re at your neighborhood coffee shop, for starters…

They’re at Home Depot, they’re at the driving range, they’re at your gym…

Now, that’s not the shocking part.

Here’s the shocking part – they’re LONELY. And they’re LOOKING TO YOU for a signal that it’s okay to approach!


Here’s the thing – if you’re living in the West then there’s something about men you MUST know to help you meet them. This is BIG.

And it will DRAMATICALLY improve your odds of finding the guy for you. If you live in the East, this may still help you but won’t apply as much…

Here goes: Modern men in the West are THE LONELIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

This is a sociological FACT – not my opinion.

Why are they so lonely?

Odds are, that cute stranger you see at your grocery store, gym, coffee shop, etc. didn’t grow up in the area he’s now living in.

Odds are, he didn’t go to college there, either.

Odds are his family of origin is not nearby.

In other words – the people he’s closest to IN THE WORLD – his childhood friends, his school buddies, and his siblings and parents are likely not in his daily life.

But wait – there’s more…

Odds are he’s working CRAZY long hours (thanks to the economy and how expensive modern life is – especially if he’s American then I promise he’s working crazy hours – we work more hours with less time off than anywhere in the world – even Japan, and they have a word for DYING from overwork!) and he has little time for a personal life or love.

And let’s not forget – he’s a MAN.

So – he can’t TOUCH anyone unless it’s sexual.

We’re so homophobic that men can’t hold hands with anyone unless it’s romantic, they DO NOT kiss other men (unless they’re, uh, you know…), and don’t share deep, personal confidences with each other (until something’s REALLY a big deal).

Unlike women – who connect with EVERYONE everywhere we go, and talk to our friends all the time, and tell everyone EVERYTHING, and can be physically affectionate and snuggly with other women

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