confidenceby Patty Contenta

Have you ever felt awkward trying to seduce a man and instantly lost your confidence?

You go to approach a man only to trip on a step?

Or you go to touch a man’s arm only to accidentally touch his plate of food!

Sometimes, the art of seduction doesn’t seem to come naturally and we think it’s time to just give up and let the women who are seemingly natural born seductresses take the lead…

Seriously? I have much more faith in you than that. I KNOW all women have it in them to be sensual!

I recently received a question from a reader. I am sharing it with you because it comes up a lot in many seminars I speak at.

>>>Question from a reader:

Hi Patty,

I want to know how a woman would be able to improve her confidence and the art of seduction through body language when it’s not a natural talent of hers? How may it become like “a second skin” instead of coming off rehearsed and unnatural?


>>>My response.

This is a great question. Many women feel the same way.

In fact, lots of women think that sensuality came natural to me. Somehow they believe that I was born with it being of Italian origin and living in a French city and all.

All of this is true. I am living in a liberal society and surrounded by many flagrant women that love their bodies.

But I was definitely not born with the same outlook.

As a young woman, I was always considered the nerd in school. I got the good grades, always helped the teachers when they needed it and joined many clubs…yes, even the Trivial Pursuit Club…although my membership didn’t last long…this was only for the true nerds, not “a wanna-be” like myself.

During my last year of high school, I was voted the school clown. Not the queen, not even the duchess…the CLOWN!

I hope you have a clearer picture on how I did NOT ooze sensuality at a young age.

So What Is The Secret To Improving Sensuality And Confidence?

The secret is….PRACTICE!

Is this too simple of an answer?

Even when I started in the ballroom dancing business, I could not look people in the eyes when I taught them. I felt like I was exposing my inner truth…my insecurities.

In the beginning, everything felt choreographed and corny even artificial. However, in pushing through these awkward feelings I was able to tap into my true essence.

The essence that understands that my physical senses, emotional senses and spirit are all different, yet all connected.

It takes much practice to stand in your power.

It takes a lot of practice to acknowledge your truth.

So let me impress upon you how I had to fake it on many, many, many occasions. I had to pretend to be a champion on the dance floor when the judges were dissecting my dancing abilities…and I *became* one.

I hope you’ve grasped the value of creating good habits, regardless of how rehearsed, and unauthentic the process might feel.

As the saying goes…

Repetition is the mother of skill.

And That’s Exactly What You Need To Do To Build Your Confidence

Start with something simple…like your smile.

Stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at how your smile can either look good or look bad.

Your smile has the capacity to change a person’s mood instantly. It is warm, soothing and bright.

So…go in front of a mirror right now!

Take a good look at your features. You need to notice what you like about your face. We are all unique…every freckle, wrinkle and blemish is YOU.

Now you are ready to exercise your smile…let’s begin.

Step 1: Smile without showing teeth.

How tight do your muscles feel? Notice if your eyes are involved. How high do your cheek bones rise? How tight are
your lips? And finally, do you like what you see?

Step 2: Smile while showing some teeth.

Go through the same check list.

Step 3: Think of a happy thought while trying both smiles again.

You always need to be aware of your intention behind every action you make. It becomes more convincing and more genuine.

Taking this action may seem small and insignificant, yet I believe that lasting change needs to feel easy and feasible…the tough part is making it consistent.

To create change takes effort. My divorce was a huge wake-up call for me to make changes in my life. What will be your wake-up call?

Body language is one vehicle that can help shape your destiny.

To portray a mature, confident woman, you need a certain body confidence that is demonstrated through your movement…your walk, your eyes, your poise.

Here’s an example of a woman that understood the power of that behavior…beautiful!

More About Confidence From A Reader:

“Hi Patty,

I used to live in Las Vegas and at a very young age (under 21) I would go into the casinos and not be bothered. Why?

Because you walk like you belong there. You act like you belong there and don’t do anything foolish. Body language says a lot about you and if the Pit Boss isn’t sure you are old enough to be playing 21 and you act young, well then out you go! If you act proud, a little sexy, leave the rest of the players alone, and don’t forget to smile. Drink or don’t drink that’s up to you.

That’s how I played Blackjack in the casinos on the Strip in Las Vegas at the tender age of 19. Don’t think it works now but it comes down to being proud of who you are, using your body language correctly. It got me lots of dates and a husband who I have been married to going on 23 years.

Love your newsletter! Keep them coming!


>>>My response:

Here is a woman that gets it…AMEN SISTER!

So the next time you brush your teeth and put on your make up…take a moment to stop and look at yourself. Try the different smiles. You need to be convinced that you own your smile, so that when the opportunity presents itself…voila!

Now it’s your turn.

You begin by purchasing my Sexy in Seconds DVD kit. With videos packed with my tried and true secrets to attracting, charming and seducing whomever your heart’s desire, it gives you easy to follow instructions to help you understand the power of body language.

All you have to do is be willing to open your mind to the idea that your self-indulgence is worth taking the time for.

And it all begins here.

I’ll talk to you again soon. In the meantime…SMILE!

Sensually yours,

Patty Contenta

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