How Your Feminine Energy Naturally Pulls Him Closer

I talk with women everyday who share their frustrations and challenges with love and relationships – and there’s no end to what we women have been taught to put ourselves through thinking about a man.

by Jen Michelle

We’re so hard on ourselves, and can get caught in a cycle of feeling like we have to be perfect in order to connect to a man or inspire him to commit.

Whether it’s an argument or a first date, there are all these question marks going around in our heads about what we should do, what we should say, how we should act…

Once we’re good and tense, and judging ourselves harshly before he even walks through the door…We’ve set ourselves up for less than what we truly want and deserve.

Here are some quick and easy ways to solve this forever:

Three Ways To Root Yourself In Feminine Energy Before He Walks Through The Door

Connect To Your Feelings
We often don’t slow down or pause long enough to know what it is we’re feeling. We start to panic and react instead of slowing down to check in with what’s coming up for us.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients put so much pressure on themselves to respond to a man’s message immediately, even though he waited a week to reach out!

I know how frustrating it feels to be out with a man and feel like we went into our masculine energy, allowing our triggers or insecurities to lead. If we pause to connect to our feelings first, we can catch our old behaviors and stop them from self sabotaging.

When we make the choice to slow down and check in with ourselves to connect to what we’re feeling, this is guiding us into our feminine energy.

It’s here where we start to notice if we feel anxious, scared, and what’s underneath our urge to react or respond.

We start to connect to what’s going on with us on the inside, and pause before responding. We learn how to stop the actions and behaviors that cost us intimacy.

As we connect to what it is we’re feeling, we become confident in knowing when we need to slow down, take a moment, and feel into what’s leading us- instead of going into action mode and regretting it later or feeling like we did it wrong.

Stay Out Of Drama
As we learn to connect to our feminine energy and what we’re feeling, we learn how to express our feelings and share them with a man in a way he can hear.

This looks like moving away from “You” statements, or other low vibe behaviors such as entitlement, tantrums, being the victim, pouting, or giving him the silent treatment.

We simply allow our feelings to guide us.

If we don’t want to do something, we simply say no and honor ourselves.

If we want to share how we’re feeling, we do so by sharing our feelings instead of allowing defensive and protective behaviors to take over.

This is how disagreements lead to increased connection and intimacy. When we express how we’re feeling from a place of vulnerability and truth, his defenses go down, and he can’t wait to find a solution and reconnect.

Follow Your Feminine
Following our feminine means allowing our good feelings to guide us.

We release the weight of being in our masculine energy trying to solve, fix, control, or manage everything.

We instead learn to connect to what we’re feeling and become natural at going with the flow. This is where we realize and access our power to lighten an entire room.

When a woman is guided by her feminine energy, she affects the energy of everyone around her in a magnetic way.

Men immediately sense this and are instantly turned on in every sense of the word. Mentally, spiritually, and physically. He will feel a special connection that’s rooted in sensuality and intimacy. His actions will show that his heart wants you and no one else.

If you need a confidence boost to set yourself up with a man in a magnetic feminine way from the moment he walks through the door, this program will help get your mindset right where you want it.

Whether it’s a first date, 10th date, or reconnecting a broken or strained relationship, this program will guide you in connecting with your feminine energy in a powerful way.

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You will see how once you learn how to confidently access your feminine energy, you will no longer struggle to connect and attract men!

Sending you love and support along the way,


As a Certified Relationship Coach with a Masters in Social Work, Jen Michelle‘s passion is helping her clients figure out what’s not working in their relationship and their lives and getting them back on track. She has techniques, scripts and personal experience that you can learn from and use to turn your love life around to find and keep the man of your dreams.

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