Common Questionsanger

from Rori Raye

The other day I was reviewing some of the questions that my students had emailed me, and it seems like there are certain questions that ALL women wonder about from time to time. Such as…

  • Why do men cheat on women they love?
  • Why do men have a hard time saying “I love you?”
    (Or if they DO say it, you wonder if they really MEAN it…)
  • How can a man seem “into” you one minute, and then disappear from your life with no explanation?
  • And why are men so darn afraid of “commitment,” even when your relationship seems to be going well?

Let’s face it: men complain about how “confusing” women are, but they can be JUST as hard to figure out.

So if we could just understand what we are missing and  learn how to communicate effectively, could we find the answers to these questions?

Can we possibly even fill in the male-female gaps in our relationships?

Yes, we can!

We know that as females, we are more in tune with our emotional, intuitive side.

In a recent study from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Dr. Raquel Guir pointed out that there are in fact, biological differences in the male and female brain.  Women have far more capacity (due to more connections across both hemispheres and higher blood flow) to make decisions based on intuition, verbal reasoning and emotional intelligence.

Men have stronger connections from the visual parts of the brain to the action center and therefore tend to act and respond more impulsively, based on executive reasoning.

Ok, but what can we do with all this medical ‘mumbo-jumbo?’

We can use these biological qualities to our benefit and utilize some effective techniques to not only feel better about ourselves, but in doing so, help our partner listen  and become more attracted to us.

It takes a bit of work and patience, but believe me, it can be done.

I have some information that can teach you how to tap into your feminine power to inspire his affection.

Visit me here and join the thousands of women who have learned how to use that female brain to get a man’s attention and keep him committed. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


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