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I have an AWESOME dating blog to share with you today! It’s all about using your femininity to attract the men you WANT, not the men you’re currently GETTING!

I work with a lot of male clients, and they all tell me over and over again that they LOVE a feminine woman, and that when a woman is in her masculine mode it is a HUGE turn off.

“Three Cs of Femininity” for Your Dating Life:


When you have compassion for others, you are able to let go of the need to control and criticize. You let go of the need to judge and are able to accept and work with an existing situation without holding on to anger or resentment.

Feminine energy requires you to step into compassion easily so that you can help others grow and change. In addition, having compassion allows you to accept change in others, which ultimately leads to a win-win situation.


Feminine energy requires you to collaborate with others and engage in a process of reciprocity and recognition in and outside of dating.

You experience and exude joy when you create solutions, new experiences, and opportunities that let you connect with others. Being in your feminine allows you to experience the joy of synergy with a man, to demonstrate care and nurturing, and to set loving boundaries.


When you have mastered your feminine energy, you will enjoy increased self-awareness and happiness, and will be free of the need to be right all the time! In fact, your need to be happy will be paramount. You’ll be able to let go of the need to control everything, trusting that things will unfold as they are meant to for your own greater good.

You’ll be able to live in the present, free from the negative reactions you’ve depended on to survive in the past.

Practicing “The Three C’s of Femininity” will ensure that you are always being in your feminine, and thus able to attract the men you desire and will be available for a long-term partnership!


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