understand a manIf you’re struggling to understand a man — to try to figure out what it is he actually “meant,” you’re not alone.

Men can be really hard to “read.” They can play so “close to the vest” that they seem to be like brick walls. And the worst is when they say something that’s meant to make you feel good — but only makes you feel terrible.

Like, when a man says he “needs time to think,” you’re trying to decide if he’s scared of intimacy, if he’s afraid of commitment, if he just needs some “space,” or if it’s something really bad like another woman. Or that he’s decided he’s not really all that interested in you.

It can be torture trying to figure out what a man means. So…

Here’s A Tip To Help You Understand A Man:

Take what a man says at face value. Take it literally. If he says he’s not sure — about anything — just take it exactly as that. He’s trying to make up his mind about something.

Don’t “sugarcoat” it — that he’s really desperately madly in love with you and is “afraid” — that will only set you up for heartache. But also, don’t go down that negative rabbit hole spiral where you think he means that he isn’t interested in you anymore, he doesn’t love you anymore or that he doesn’t want to be with you.

It just means he needs to think about something. And sometimes you need some time to do that, too. We all know that men need to go into their “man cave” every once in a while — and that when they do that, they truly disappear. Sometimes it’s for hours and sometimes it’s for days.

A man can go a long time without calling you — without it meaning anything. If he doesn’t know (yes, many men are that clueless) that having direct contact with him is important to you — he may just “assume” that you’re always there, and that you’re always fine! It doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t love you — it may just mean that he’s not a naturally “attentive” man!

And then you get to either teach him how to be more attentive by sharing with him how you feel about not having contact with him — or you get to drop him from your life because he doesn’t have the ability to make you happy. And either way — when we can understand a man without “making up” reasons for his actions — we get to feel EMPOWERED.

So how do you know what’s really going on with a man? There are simple tools you can learn that will help you understand a man, and all you have to do is pay attention to what he’s like when he’s actually WITH you.

If you have our “Attract The Hell Out Of Him! – Crack The Secret Code Of His Body Language” e-book — then you already have some major tools to help you with this. You can tell if he’s leaning forward and paying attention to you or if he’s leaning back and waiting for you to do all the work of the relationship.

You can tell if he’s hanging on your every word, or if he’s really itching to get into a conversation with his buddies.

AND — the important thing here is that you pick it up quickly! That you don’t wait around for his words to be clear to you. That you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out what he means. You can tell by looking at his eyes and his body posture what’s going on for him. And if what he’s saying with his body is that he needs a little bit of space — then you’ll get to move away first and solve the problem instantly! Can you see what an advantage this is?

So next time you’re standing with the man you’ve just met or you’re sitting around or standing around with the man you are in love with right now, look at his body language. There are too many clues to lay out for you here — Crack The Secret Code Of His Body Language will give them all to you — but you can easily tell if he’s leaning toward you, or if he’s leaning away from you! That simple thing would let you know if he’s in “pursuing you” mode, or if he’s waiting to see what YOU’RE going to do…

Try out Crack The Secret Code Of His Body Language right here to help you truly understand a man

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