interested in youHave you ever wondered how to tell if a man is interested in you?

This can be challenging.

Maybe he’s just an outgoing friendly guy.

Or he could be a player.

Or maybe it’s you who is interested, and you’re projecting this onto him.

Are you feeling confused yet?

You might have seen him looking at you while you were having a conversation with someone else.

Maybe embarrassment or fear made you look away and when you looked back, he had already moved on.

You wonder how long he had been looking at you.

Was he staring?

Checking you out?

Did he think you look great?


Or maybe he thought you looked bad or some other awful thing.

Was the whole thing in your imagination?

So How Can You Know If He’s Interested In You?

1. One way is if he inquires about you.

He might ask a friend, or you hear about this through a friend of a friend.

If he says he found you attractive, then yes of course he’s interested.

This would be an obvious example – but maybe he’s a bit shy or a bit fearful (so many men are!). And maybe he wants to learn more about you and feel more secure before jumping in to make a move.

2. His eyes –

As he looks at you – if you pay attention to the signals he’s giving you instead of focusing on your own discomfort or insecurity – you’ll learn a lot.

Is he giving you an appreciative once over?

Do his eyes linger on your face?

Is he smiling at you?

So often we ignore these obvious signals or just dismiss them.

We fall into our momentary lack of confidence and make an assumption that he’s not interested in us – and just sort of mentally push him away.

Either that – or we go the other way and write HIM off because he’s so obviously interested in us!

3. If he eventually does come to talk to you and asks you about you…

If he shows up at, say, your favorite coffee place or where you work out or someplace unexpected – unexpectedly – this would be a clear indication that he’s been asking around about you, where you like to go, and he’s interested in you more than just in passing.

He may want the encounter to appear casual, but you know he’s planned this carefully.

A good sign.

An endearing quality.

If he shows up, smile.

Talk to him.

If you like him, encourage him.

Respond by smiling, by looking into his eyes, being always curious about what may happen next.

If you really like yourself, love yourself, and you exude this contentment that lives within yourself – you’re going to be attractive to MOST men.

You’re going to be flooded with men.

So – keeping your heart open and receptive – even if you’re just getting over a hurt – is crucial here.

If your life is full of many things that you love to do, things which fulfill you, then you’ll ramp up your attractiveness to men even more.

All you have to do is stay open to possibility, and he’ll be interested in you.

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