How To Tap Into Your Intuition

by Gaye Wright

Intuition is the small voice inside that tells you the truth about things. Intuition tells you the truth about the way things really are.

Why bother with intuition? Why is that small voice inside so important in your life?

If you ignore or are not consciously using your intuition you will be making decisions according to your linear mind. Your linear mind sees things in a straight line. It sees things in logical, rational terms of a to b to c and so on.

Your intuitive perspective sees things from a much more expanded viewpoint. It is a view that encompasses everything that your senses are picking up on and tuning into. You get messages from all directions.

How do you listen to your intuition?

Intuition works hand in hand with your senses. You cannot access your intuition just through your head. It s a whole body thing.

The first thing is to get out of your head and down into your belly. That s where you have gut feelings. Gut feelings tell you when intuitions are trying to get through to you.

You need to train yourself to be quiet so that you can get away from all that over thinking and analysing, which is exhausting for you. When you are quiet and relaxed you can hear what your intuition is telling you. You do this through relaxation and meditation practices.

You can also start to take notice to your dreams at night. Ask yourself questions before you go to bed. Get used to writing down things that come to you in your dreams.

Breathe and Ask.
Practise breathing yourself down into a quiet place in your belly. Then you can ask for guidance from all those cosmic friends we call spirit guides or angels. You can learn to breathe and ask.

Through practice you train yourself to listen to your intuition. You gain confidence to trust your intuition. You can call yourself an intuitive person.

Remember that you are not just a head walking around thinking and analysing. This makes you very tired and weary. You have an intuitive sense, a deep inner knowing in your gut. This knowledge comes easily without effort.

Breathing is fundamental to becoming intuitive. Your breath is how you can most easily get out of your head, out of those maddening cycles of thought that can drive you crazy and rob you of sleep. Your breath is the easiest way to take you awareness from your head down to your belly.

Start tuning in now.

You learn to start tuning into different channels of awareness that contain expanded perspectives. You access more creative knowledge than you ever thought possible. You will be amazed at how you see things differently. You ll wonder at how you can see a different path through issues that seemed impossible to resolve or manage.

Start now on the path to becoming more intuitive. You will find your intuition is a trustworthy friend. This friend never forsakes you. Trusting your intuition is trusting yourself.

From Sarah – I’ve been looking everywhere for real help with being psychic and developing your intuition. For me, this is the single-most important thing – I want to KNOW what’s going to happen – I want to really GET what my man really means when he says something – I don’t want to guess – I just want to be smarter. And my girlfriends spend all kinds of money hiring psychics to help them in their relationships. It just makes sense to me that if I have the right information, the right HELP – I can learn to do it myself, and so I’m working on it – and I really do see a big difference. Gaye has a huge site, with all kinds of free information, and her free newsletters are fabulous. Let me know how she’s helping you…Sarah. Just go here to get Gaye’s free newsletters ->


  1. Pin on December 8, 2010 at 6:09 am

    I came across your website when searching for intuitive colours meanings on google.
    I’m having problems interpreting the intuitive messages, I am receiving. I’m finding that I’m seeing colours, often as spirals; purples, reds, pinks. I also occasionally see silver stars. When I ask a question about a former lover, I feel my ‘heart’ burning, often creating a feeling of sickness. I also feel my heart beating faster. I’m struggling to interpret these (does he have feelings for me, or not)? I have also recieved dream messages and from these I can gather he is my soulmate and is hurt by what happened. I would be grateful of any advice, thank you.