talk to a guyby Alexandra Fox

How do you talk to a guy you just met and would like to know more about? To your date? To your boyfriend?

How exactly DO you talk to a guy?

It doesn’t matter if he’s your dad, your brother, your uncle, or someone you’re romantically involved with, such as your date, your boyfriend, or your life partner.

The fact remains:

If You Don’t Know How to Talk to a Guy, Your Relationships with Them Will Always Be Lukewarm at Best!

Yes, ladies, words are powerful. If you know the right things to say, you can very much lead your relationship with your man to that elusive “happily ever after.”

But if you don’t know how to talk to a guy, then you run the risk of arguments, breakups, and a miserable, lonely future.

Fortunately, it’s Alexandra Fox to the rescue, as usual!

And for today’s advice, I’ll be giving you 4 important, life-changing lessons on how to talk to a guy. These tips are simple enough to try out the next time you find yourself one-on-one with a man you like!

How To Ask About His Love Life

Whenever you meet a new guy you particularly like, it’s always tempting to ask where he stands in love.

But at the same time, you know that asking if he has a girlfriend or if he’s “available” may be a little too forward!

So you try to ask him indirectly.

And unfortunately, that’s where many of us goof up!

One of the most common mistakes we make when trying to find out where he stands in love and romance is this — we ask him about his IDEAL WOMAN.

“So what kind of woman are you looking for?”

“Are you looking for someone in particular?”

“What’s she like?”

Do you know why this seemingly innocent question actually KILL your chances with him?

It’s simple, really — if a guy likes you, and is actually secretly considering the possibility of courting you and making you his girlfriend one day, then my goodness, why in the world would he tell you about his “ideal woman?”

It’s even worse if he actually ANSWERS your question, because when he tells you about his “ideal woman,” then he’s subconsciously telling you that you’re NOT his ideal woman.

In other words, he’s putting you in the “friend-zone” by answering your question.


So here’s a tip — if you want to ask about his love life, don’t ask him directly or indirectly.

In fact, don’t ask him AT ALL!

Instead, while you’re having an interesting conversation with him, punctuate it with stories of other people’s relationships — good ones, bad ones, and so-so ones — and see how he reacts.

His opinions on other people’s relationships will clue you in on how mature he really is, and whether or not he’s going to be a great life partner down the line!

How To Ask For His Honest Opinion About You

Let’s face it — we love being told we’re beautiful.

We love being told we’re sexy and smart.

We love receiving compliments, especially when they come from the men of our lives!

But the problem is that sometimes, they don’t say it enough — and sometimes we wonder if something’s terribly wrong.

When he suddenly stops giving compliments regularly and falls strangely quiet, you may feel the impulse to ask him about it.

But whatever you do, DON’T!

Whenever you imply, even innocently, that he hasn’t been doing his “duties” as a good boyfriend, it puts him in a spot, and he’ll start feeling uncomfortable.

So here’s the thing — don’t wonder why he’s not telling you you’re beautiful. Don’t worry if he’s not giving you enough compliments lately.

Instead, use the time and energy to look beautiful anyway!

Focus on building your fashion sense, your attractiveness, your intelligence, etc. That’s a much better way to use your time!

Trust me, when he likes what he sees, you won’t have to ask for his opinion.

He’s going to tell you straight away — and, if you did things correctly, he’s going to show his appreciation in OTHER ways, as well… (wink!)

How To Talk To A Guy During Rough Times:


Sometimes, the men in our lives seem awfully quiet.

It’s like they’re distant, distracted, and much too focused on things like work or his hobbies.

And when you ask him what’s wrong, he shrugs off your worry and tells you he’s “fine.”

(Of course, you know he’s not!)

But here’s the thing — if you press the issue, and keep asking him until he tells you what’s REALLY bothering him, you’re actually making things worse.

While you think you’re trying to help him, he’ll actually think you’re NAGGING him — and nagging never helped anything in history!

Here’s the reason why some men suddenly go quiet, and then tell you everything’s “fine.” It’s likely true that something IS bothering him, but he’s simply not ready or willing to talk to you about it.

That’s why nagging him about it won’t help, but instead even cause arguments!

So here’s my tip — don’t nag him or push the issue, even when you think something’s seriously wrong.

Instead, just remind him that if anything IS bothering him, he can always come to talk to you about it.

It’s much less pressure on him, and he may even consider your offer and open up later!


And here’s the clincher — sometimes, men make promises they don’t keep. And most of the time, we make the mistake of thinking there’s something wrong with him.

Here’s the thing — there are times when his failure to keep his promises means there’s something wrong with YOU!

It’s like this — when he doesn’t follow through on the big promises, such as meeting your parents, scheduling your weekly dates, or making sure your marriage plans are going smoothly, then he DOES have a problem.

But when he doesn’t follow through on the small promises — such as cleaning the sink, having the roof fixed, or buying the groceries — it means that YOU might be the problem!

It could mean that you’re nagging too much, and he’s looking for a way out of the pressure. That’s why he promises to do a small thing, but doesn’t follow through.

Trust me, this way of judging his missed promises is more accurate than it sounds. And it always helps to take a look at yourself to see if you’re doing things right on your end of the bargain, too!


I’m sure you have more questions about how to deal with a guy’s quirks, especially in a way that actually strengthens the love and devotion he feels for you – and I look forward to helping you get what you want in love!

Sincerely, Alexandra

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