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The Talk Dirty Question:

Hi :-Devian,

I can’t believe I am actually doing this. I have needed to find a place to learn the art of talking dirty for so long.

I lost my husband to cancer last year and have become involved sexually with a high school sweet heart; I need help. How do I talk when I am focusing on having an orgasm? I get speechless! Is that normal?

I feel as if I am on a drug and if I talk it will stop this good feeling. I also fear if I say the wrong thing he will lose his erection. Can that happen?


My Reply: Talk Dirty and Don’t Think About It

Ahhh Jen, my heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry for your loss … but grateful for your inquisitive-ness :-D

This is a very valid problem. Most women see talking dirty as something logical they must “think” about doing and it can get in the way of their own pleasure.

But the reality of the situation is that to talk dirty is to express pleasure.

Its not even about him…its about you.

This is your chance to express the “drug” like experience you are having while you’re having it.

Think of it like laughter. When you’re at a comedy show, you don’t “think” about laughing in fear of missing the next joke, you just do it as part of the experience.

Don’t feel pressured that you have to say “everything at once” with your man. Only express verbally what you are feeling physically.

To Talk Dirty Is To Express

The simple question of “do you like that?’ when pleasing him (lets say…stroking his cock for example)…in which case his only response will be “yeah!”…and following it up with the same exact question just in more descriptive terms such as “You like when I stroke your cock?”

Done. He will love it. Men love to hear a commentary of what you are doing to them. And it never has to be at the expense of your own pleasure. Ever.

Use his expressions of pleasure to fuel your own sexual state and escalate forward with your Dirty Dialogue and your own physical bliss. After all, its YOUR arousal that fuels his fire, so why not let go and douse his flame with nitro fuel?

Time to make the boy go “boom.”

This is my favorite topic in Dirty Dialogue. In fact, I wrote an entire chapter titled “How To Break Out Of Your Shell” in my new ebook JUST to smash this problem to pieces…shatter the sexual shell for good…and smother your lover with sultry sounding sensations. Seriously :-D

You’ll definitely benefit a ton from reading it.

Let me know how you feel after you read the chapter!

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