by Kara Oh

Do you ever worry during your relationship that he’ll hurt you like your last boyfriend or husband did? Or that he’ll leave? Or you’re jealous for no reason?

When you feel like you have no control over your fearful or negative thoughts, it’s easy for them to start controlling you. And when that happens, you’ll usually sabotage your relationship.

You may try to stop thinking of those things that pop in your head, but it doesn’t work that way. Instead, you need to replace them with a a different thought.

Relaxing Into Your Relationship

Relax whatever way you know how – meditation, stretching, breathing, massage.

When you get completely relaxed, imagine how good it feels to be loved by him. Imagine it so clearly that you feel those same feelings in your body, as if you were in his presence and he just did something very loving. Lock these feelings into your body as an anchor of how you think of him.

Then, when you have those thoughts or feelings of fear, remind yourself of this anchor and allow those nice feelings of being loved settle into your body. It will take some effort, but eventually, the new anchored feelings will be what will come to you when you think about him or are in his presence. This is a wonderful tool for any time you wish to change your habits of thinking.

From my heart to yours,


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