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Now that the holidays are coming to an end, are you trapped in the cycle of binge-eating? Even though you desperately want to STOP…

Are you finding it hard to go back to your healthy eating habits like before?

Well, relax and take a ~ deep breath ~

I’m gonna give you a 3-step technique to break free from this vicious cycle.

Will it work for you? Maybe, and maybe not. And it all depends on this ONE very important step. This step is so important, that if you miss it… Then NONE of the other steps will work and the whole technique will be broken. But I’m jumping ahead. Let me tell you how this all came about…

Now that the holidays are coming to an end, most of the cooking, family dinners and holiday parties are most likely behind you.

And so what has that left you with? A fridge and pantry full of leftovers. Which makes it very difficult to STOP the binge eating even if you are really anxious to return to some state of self-control. And if you’re still under the impression that you can just STOP eating those foods before they’ve done absolutely the most damage possible to your belly, hips and thighs… Then you’ve got to snap out of it!

Unless you make a CONSCIOUS choice to regain control of the situation, then it will NEVER happen. Those leftovers will turn into more of the discounted candy and sweets that they always sell after the holidays… and you’ll be riding that white dragon all the way into the New Year.

And by white dragon, I don’t mean cocaine or heroine. I’m talking about SUGAR.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let me give you the first tool you need…

I. Understand What’s Going On With Your Body

All the sugar and rich, decadent food from he holiday feasts have hyper-stimulated your taste buds. Your taste buds are amazing sensory detection receptors and they are connected to a major nerve in your brain that recognizes taste.

In the wild before civilization, our ancestors relied on their taste buds to signal to them what foods were healthy (meaning full of LIFE ENERGY) and what foods were poisonous (dead and even harmful to us).

So really our taste buds serve 2 important purposes:

1. Signal Us To Keep Eating Healthy Foods

2. Defend Us Against Eating The WRONG Foods That Harm Our Health

But here’s where it gets tricky…

Our taste buds can no longer be trusted.

It’s not that they are bad or evil. It’s really not even their fault. They are being tricked. The food manufacturers have hired some of the most brilliant scientists in the world to dissect the human taste bud. And now that they’ve figured it out, they have created synthetic chemicals that COPY the natural chemicals found in natural foods that trigger the nerve inside of our brain that makes us THINK we are eating healthy food.

… but really, this food is NOT healthy.

In order to disguise the food and pass it off as being full of LIFE ENERGY, they fill it with chemicals, sugar, fat, and salt so that it will trigger our brain into thinking that it’s a good food to eat. Pretty crazy, huh?

Most likely, your taste buds are hyper-stimulated from all the super sweet and fattening foods that you’ve been eating over these past few weeks (or months depending on how early in the season you started). And this makes NORMAL, natural and healthy foods taste bland and boring. If you’ve been eating sugar every day, then you’re also riding the WHITE DRAGON. I call it that because once you get on it, boy will it ever take you for a crazy ride… And it’s REALLY hard to jump off this dragon once you’ve jumped on.

What’s All This Sugar Doing To You?

As you’re riding the WHITE DRAGON, you may notice that it takes you UP really HIGH UP and then it takes you DOWN really fast.

This is from your blood sugar levels (the sugar levels in your blood stream) spiking up really high REALLY fast…

Because that’s what happens every time you eat sugar. And you get this rush of euphoria shoot through you like the fastest roller coaster you’ve ever been on. This is the SUGAR RUSH we all know and MOST of us are addicted to. It feels really good while you’re up there…

But then you CRASH fast and hard. This is what happens when your body realizes that your blood sugar is too high. Your body releases insulin which pulls your blood sugar down really fast…

And then stores it in your fat cells.

But here’s the thing…

Your insulin system is very effective and it OVER DOES IT. The insulin pulls your blood sugar down TOO LOW and this causes the SUGAR CRASH that always follows. This is the WHITE DRAGON going down, down, down into the darkest and most depressing cave it can find. It hides out in this cave of shame and guilt. Waiting for the next ride… the next time it can shoot way HIGH UP again.

If you are riding this white dragon, it is your master. You are it’s slave.

You think about sugar.

You dream about sugar.

And as soon as you come face-to-face with sugar again (which you ALWAYS do in our culture)… You take another hit… and the white dragon TAKES OFF with you on it’s back. Isn’t it funny how when the dragon is flying high, you never feel the guilt?

…And maybe for a moment, you can almost forget that it’s there.

But somehow, you always know that it will return… because the white dragon ALWAYS goes back down into it’s dark, depressing cave. And the only way to stop the sugar cravings, the guilt, AND the fat-storage… is to jump off this crazy, DESTRUCTIVE ride with the white dragon.

How To Get Out Of The Binge-Eating Cycle

Breaking the sugar cycle is a BIG part of stopping the binge-eating after the holidays. As long as you are eating sugar, your blood sugar levels will be going up and down, up and down… And your body will be releasing insulin at VERY un-healthy levels. This is the cycle that ultimately leads to diabetes, and as I’ve already said, this is what causes fat-storage and CRAZY sugar cravings.

The more sugar you eat, the more you CRAVE it.

So you’ve got to break FREE!

The good news is that once you jump off the white dragon, you find other ways to find JOY, happiness, excitement and even SWEETNESS in your life… And you realize that sugar never gives you the kind of true satisfaction and “sweetness” in life that your spirit is craving.

Step #2: Be PRESENT And Make A CONSCIOUS Choice

It’s also important to let go of the past.

A lot of women (and men) justify their un-healthy actions in the present with their choices from the past. If you’ve been binge-eating all week long, then you may tell yourself, “What’s one more day of pigging out? I can always start eating healthy tomorrow.”

But this way of thinking becomes your HABIT. And so everyday gives you the excuse of “starting tomorrow”.

Here’s how to turn that around…

Just because you’ve been pigging out all week long (or even all SEASON long), does not make it a good thing to do in this moment. And your past certainly does NOT justify you to make an un-healthy choice NOW…

In fact, it has nothing to do with it at all.

This moment is now.

You are here now.

Now is a new chance to make a new choice.

And in order to be totally present, you must let go of the past.

How do you do this?…

Forgive yourself.

Stop cycling through it in your mind. What’s done is done. That was you then. This is you NOW. Be present. Make a CONSCIOUS choice with your present state of AWARENESS.

You may find, that by letting go of the past, you find more power available to yourself right now. In fact, the present moment is all you will EVER have. So the sooner you find your power in the here and now, the more you will be aligned with the power that is flowing through you every moment you STAY present.

Step #3: Re-Stock Your Home With HEALTHY FOODS

You also want to make this as easy as possible on yourself (because you will have moments of weakness)… and throw out the leftovers! Go out and re-stock your fridge with healthy foods like fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, and as many SUPER FOODS as you can find. Then start eating these super foods over 5 or 6 “mini-meals” a day (small meals that you eat every 2 hours) to speed up your metabolism and re-stabilize your taste buds.

When you go back to eating natural foods without all the sugar, chemicals and fattening ingredients… Your taste buds actually start to PREFER the taste of these foods. This is what I call “purifying the palate.” And it’s important to keep these healthy foods with you at all times! When you leave the house, grab a piece of fruit and a bag of unsalted, raw nuts.

Because remember that there is going to be temptation EVERY WHERE and you’ve got to be prepared ahead of time. Don’t let your blood sugar levels drop down too low! Eat one of those “mini-meals” every 2 hours so that you never get too hungry and desperate for food.

If you let your blood sugar drop down too low, then you are just tempting the WHITE DRAGON to come out and grab hold of you again. You’ve got to keep your blood sugar levels STABLE by eating natural healthy foods in “mini-meal” portions throughout the day.

This will keep your energy levels UP and your fat-storage DOWN. And it will also keep you in control over binge-eating FOR GOOD.

Prepare For The New Year

If you follow this 3-step technique to end the binge-eating, you will get control back. I promise. But that’s only half the story…

Remember when I told you that there was ONE step that was so important that if it doesn’t happen, then NONE of the other steps will work?

Well, here it is…

You have to TAKE ACTION.

You have to APPLY the steps that you’ve learned in this article.

I know that you will never truly understand the POWER of this until you TRY it…

Until you EXPERIENCE it for yourself.

It’s really about breaking free from a habit that you thought was controlling you… But really, when you EMPOWER your body by nurturing it and listening to what it needs, you have more control than you realize. In fact, you have ALL the control.

Your body WANTS to do what you want it to do. It WANTS you to feel good…

To have amazing energy. And to be free of any extra, unneccessary fat. Your body wants this for you. And YOU want this for you. Maybe you can make an arrangement that comes out to a win-win for both sides? Give your body what it wants (healthy, natural foods throughout the day)… And your body will reward you and give you EXACTLY what you want.

I know this works.

Your body is AMAZING.

Your body has everything it needs to heal itself…

It just needs YOU to give it what it needs to complete the task.

By breaking free from this binge-eating cycle, you are freeing your body and allowing it to heal itself. And be proud of yourself for doing this now instead of just continuing on until the New Year… You are saving your body DAYS without poison.

Come New Year’s Day, when you’re ready to make that New Year’s Resolution, your body will be feeling ALIVE and EXCITED about the possiblity of all that is to come.

I believe in you.

I know that the light inside of you is shining brighter and brighter every day. With every positive thought, with every positive and healthy choice…

You glow brighter from within.

Thank you for lighting the world with your beautiful, radiant light. The holidays surely are brighter when you shine!

Your Friend,
Love and Light,


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  1. marta jankauskaite on April 8, 2011 at 9:08 am

    heya.. I am wondering is there any advise that you could give me. I have been struggling with my eating for almost 2 years now. What started as a small step to a healthy diet led me to drop to under 8 stone and at 5 9 inch i was very skinny However after my family and friends got involved i was made eat constantly.. Resently however I have found myself binging and overeating. I have no control over myself and feel disgusted with all the weight I have put on. I just wat to end this but its so hard trying to eat a healthy diet when your parents are always on your back.. I just want my life on track but it seems to be getting worse by the day. I feel like im stuck in an endless circle and can’t escape I have tried every possible weight loss method but nothing seems to work. I won’t even leave my house because I feel disgusted and ashamed by the way I look. I can’t believe that I let myself get to this stage. I would be greatful for any advise you could give I am running out of options . I want to stop this thing before it ruins my life! I just want to enjoy my teenage life but this has destryed me..thanks for everything..

  2. Sarah on April 20, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    Marta, so sorry you’re having such a hard time with this…It’s easy to say eat vegetables and proteins and go light on the carbs – but hard to do it if you feel you need to “discipline” yourself. We love Andrea Albright…and perhaps if you visit her site and get her free newsletters, you’ll get help from her videos…

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