by Rose Cole

After the holidays most people find themselves over-eating and craving sweets.

So why is this? You would think that after getting your fill of all that food and desserts that you would stop craving them, but that certainly is NOT the case.

Believe it or not, the more sweets and bread products you eat, the more you crave. That’s why the holidays can trigger such a feeding frenzy.

So what do you do to stop this vicious cycle?

Here are 3 steps for getting control back over what you eat and the portion sizes:

1) Eat more protein. Whenever you crave sweets are bready foods that means that your blood sugar is out of balance, and when your blood sugar is out of balance it makes you crave and eat more food. Munch on hard boiled eggs, nuts, or rolled up turkey INSTEAD of fruit or foods made from bread to stop cravings.

2) Eat 5 Small Meals Per Day. This is the best way to keep your blood sugar stabilized, and keep your energy up. It’s like having a fire and putting a small amount of coal on at a steady pace all day long, instead of pilling on a bunch of coal and letting the fire burn out. Eating the five small meals switches your body from being a gas guzzling SUV to a fuel efficient hybrid When I say small, I’m meaning around 400-500 calories on average.

3) Do A Body Detox Cleanse. Stopping binge eating or getting off of sugar can be as hard as stopping smoking, so the fastest way to get you back on the bandwagon with your eating is to do a cleanse or detox. Look for a cleanse that is specifically for balancing your blood sugar. The more balanced the sugar levels are in your blood, the less food you crave.

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