Everyday I get messages from good people just like you who are having a hard time dealing with their breakup.

Many tell me how they cannot live without their ex.

They remember the promises and pledges they made to each other.

Many feel that their identity has somehow changed because they’ve been the dedicated husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend for so long.

They’re trying to figure out what their role is now.

It’s hard to deal with so many of the feelings we experience after a breakup.

In light of all this, I just wanted to give you a simple reminder that I truly hope is helpful.

I apologize in advance for it’s simplicity.

You probably already know what I’m about to say…. But some of you might need a gentle reminder and it is with that in mind that I share it now.

Please remember that, although your relationship has changed, you’re still a wonderful person.

In fact, you still possess the unique traits and character qualities that you did before your relationship began.

Although many things may have happened in your relationship, and your situation has changed, you’re still a good person.

Have you changed at all? Probably.

Going through a breakup brings about changes for us all. You discover things about yourself you may have never known.

Perhaps you are stronger than you ever imagined.

Perhaps you have discovered you know how to do a lot of things that your ex previously did for you.

Mark my words, whether or not you get back together with your ex, you will come out of this stronger.

I wish I could say that all of you reading this will get back together with your ex’s.

Many of you will, but sadly some won’t.

We all have our free will, even our ex’s.

But you can weather the storm if you are true to yourself and love yourself.

Pray and also draw strength from your friends and family.

Be active.

Do things you’ve always wanted to do.

Sure, we all need to be alone and grieve sometimes. But don’t let it linger.

Life IS good.

So are you.

So get out there and enjoy it!

I hope this message comes across with the spirit in which it was intended.

No one can tell you how to feel, and I know you may not be feeling too good these days.

But I hope you realize the good in yourself, and in your life and the fact that you will be loved again.

Let that first person to love you be the most important person of all….. you!


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