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I can’t stress enough just how important it is to know the many important differences between men and women, especially when it comes to the dating game.

It’s crucial to the health and success of your relationships — without this knowledge, there will be a LOT of misunderstandings!

So let’s take today’s column to discuss three of the biggest differences about how we and the men in our lives think — and what to do about it.

Take note, because these tips will help you for the rest of your life!

Let’s get started…

What We Think About the Guy We’re Dating:

We tend to think that he’ll appreciate it when we buy something that looks good on him.

For instance, when we buy him a cashmere sweater that really looks good with his skin tone, we expect him to thank us profusely, then wear it every chance he gets.

So how come he never wears the darned thing?

His gratitude seemed lukewarm when he received the sweater, but he soon relegated it to the depths of his closet, never to see the light of day again.

What gives?

WHAT MEN THINK: Here’s the thing — men don’t really expect you to give them gifts for two reasons.

One, it’s usually HIS job to be giving the gifts…

And two, he can usually get whatever he wants for himself.

(If he can’t, he probably shouldn’t be in a relationship to begin with!)

But when it DOES come to gifts, you should know that he ALREADY has preferences.

He may, for instance, prefer sports jerseys over cashmere sweaters on any given day — even if they DO look goofy to you.

So it doesn’t matter if that sweater looks good on him — if he’s not a sweater guy, then he won’t appreciate it as much as you’d like!

WHAT TO DO: When buying gifts for him, it’s best to learn what his preferences are.

Remember, when you buy him something that YOU think would look good on him, he’ll probably just thank you for it.

But when you buy him something that HE likes, then he’ll absolutely LOVE you for it — and he’ll wear it every single chance he gets!

See the difference?

So do take HIS preferences into consideration. Simply doing this can give you MUCH BETTER results!


WHAT WE THINK: Many of us think that men should love us “for who we are.” Since it’s his job to find us and carry the relationship for us, we shouldn’t really do much to make the relationship work. He should discover us for the rare gems that we really are… right?

Well, if that were the case, then how come so many of us are still single? Looks like just sitting there, waiting to be found and rescued, isn’t working as well as it did in the fairy tales!

WHAT MEN THINK: When it comes to “high-maintenance” women — that is, women who expect to be pampered and treated like queens by the men in their lives — men tend to leave them well alone.

They know these women are too much trouble to keep happy!

Men know that no matter what a “rare gem” you are, there are still women out there who DON’T sit around and wait for nothing.

Instead, these strong, confident, independent women go out, conquer the world, and make themselves available.

Now THESE are the kinds of women the real men look for — low-maintenance, flirty, and TONS of fun to be with!

What to Do to Improve Your Dating Life:

Stop thinking of yourself as a princess, and stop waiting to be “rescued.”

There’s a reason they’re called “fairy tales,” after all — they simply don’t happen in the real world!

In the real world, the good men out there are being hunted to extinction — and the longer you sit around waiting, the smaller your chances of finding one become!

Try to imagine your ideal man, no matter how outrageous your “ideal man” might be.

Then imagine the kind of woman who would be worthy to stand by his side.

THAT’S your goal — to become a woman of that quality.

Why don’t you start today?


WHAT WE THINK: Lastly, we tend to think that sex makes the relationship stronger.

After all, we DO feel an intense connection with him whenever we make love.

Surely, if we give in to a new guy’s wishes and bring things to the bedroom right after the first date, he’s going to like us too, right?

Naturally, this isn’t the case — a LOT of men out there have sex with a woman early in the relationship, only to never call her up again after that.

If that’s happened to you before, then you’re probably familiar with this “jump-and-dump” tactic!

WHAT MEN THINK: Sex is sex.

It’s not something that makes them love the woman more, especially when the sex happens early in the relationship.

When that’s the case, it’s nothing more than a one-night-stand — perhaps one of the dating game’s favorite pastimes.

What’s more, men don’t feel the same connection women do after sex.

In fact, they feel the opposite — they feel the need for privacy.

That’s why, more often than you’d like, the men you have sex with end up sleeping facing away from you, snoring blissfully!

WHAT TO DO: Don’t rush things into the bedroom, because it WON’T strengthen the relationship no matter how strongly you feel for him!

You’ll need to bite back the temptation and let the relationship’s emotional foundation — the LOVE — form first!

I don’t want to give a hard-and-fast rule about how long you’ll have to wait before having sex, but based on my experiences (and the experiences of many of my clients), 3-6 months seems to be the “sweet spot.”

Wait that long before having sex, and your relationship will have a MUCH better chance of standing the test of time!


There are many more differences between the minds of men and women, particularly when it comes to dating and relationships.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew ALL the differences — that way there wouldn’t be any doubts, any misconceptions, and any misconception between you?

That’s right — when you know EXACTLY how a man’s brain works, the more easily you’ll SEDUCE it.

And the more easily you seduce the male brain, the more easily you’ll take CONTROL of your destiny together!


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