romantic relationshipby Kathryn Weber

A romantic relationship can wear down over time. You need to keep the flame alive, bolster your relationship any way you can. Here are some tips from my Feng Shui knowledge:

Add a vase to make relationships happier. Place a jar or vase in the bedroom. It should be ceramic and beautiful to you. Vases can help smooth relationships by collecting good energy.

Use crystal power under the bed. Place a smooth, round crystal ball at the foot of the bed to make relationships smoother. You can place one of these under the foot of every bed in the house to make all the relationships happier.

What Can I Do If I Suspect My Spouse Is Unhappy with our Romantic Relationship?

Display the double happiness sign. This sign can be purchased at Chinese or import stores as a wall hanging or as a frame. If it’s not possible to find a double happiness symbol, find some items that are red and gold and put those in your bedroom.

Set out a pair of mandarin ducks. A pair of ducks are a wonderful activator for love and will stimulate more pairing up — and keeping your spouse more closely connected to you. Mandarin ducks, like geese, mate for life and displaying these loving creatures will help to remind your spouse of the commitment you made to each other and encourage fidelity.

I’m Worried that My Husband Is Looking for Love Outside Our Relationship. Is There Something I Can Do to Strengthen Our Romantic Relationship?

Yes. I’ve got a couple of ideas. Plus, the last one is good for everyone to help make their marriages stronger and last longer.

Place a conch shell in your bedroom. This shell will help protect you from third-party interference when you are separated.

Check water in the front of the house. Make sure there is no water to the right as you walk out the house. This can lead to an abundance of “admirers” or predatory females.

Repaint if necessary. Peach-colored walls or carpet can lead to infidelity and to unwanted or overly-aggressive admirers. If you’ve got an excess of peach color in the house, I’d head to my DIY center and buy some paint.

Purchase a geode. If you suspect your spouse is wandering or if you just want to make your marriage lasts, purchase an amethyst geode. These minerals are excellent for infusing energy into a stale romantic relationship. Be sure to select a roundish one that sparkles and that you think is beautiful. On the next rainy day, set the geode out in the rain to be washed. Afterwards, tie the geode with red ribbon and place under the bed. Occasionally, take the geode out from under the bed and set it in the rain to be cleansed.

Every romantic relationship needs an occasional freshening up.

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