by Rori Raye

Continued from Part 1, in which I first addressed the nature of Your Jealous Love.

Now, to address your jealous feelings and Gwen’s jealousy issue.

***Dear Gwen, Sometimes your jealousy, like anger can be about covering up our fear of real intimacy.

Here you are, about to have everything you’ve ever wanted, and finding yourself sabotaging it with unfounded jealousy.

Your Jealous Love Comes from Fear

So, first, we have to deal with FEAR. Fear of being hurt takes a poor second to having everything you want and feeling afraid that you don’t DESERVE IT.

So let’s start with that.

You DO deserve love.

Lots of it. All you want.

And, believe it or not, there’s enough love in the world for you to have as much as you want, and for everyone else to have as much as they want, too! You’re just going to have to get on board with this philosophy.

If you have any kind of religious or spiritual faith, then you might believe that LOVE governs the universe. Even though we’ve all made mistakes, if we honor love, both the giving of it and the taking of it, then we can SHARE in it.

So, go easy on yourself. You must love yourself to get rid of your jealous emotions.

Stop beating yourself up for your past – where you had no boundaries at all and dumped yourself for a man who meant you no good.

This new man sounds like he appreciates and loves you for who you are. As you acknowledged, your jealous feelings are left-overs of your old relationship.

Just take the new relationship slow. Go as slowly as you need to in order to be comfortable with being loved.

Trust yourself. This means, no matter what happened in the past, trust that you will actually SEE red flags this time, and that you can Trust Your Boundaries.


When Your Jealous Love Threatens Your Relationship

***Here’s a letter from Alice, who’s suffering with out-of-control jealousy:

Hi Rori,

My husband has already left me because of jealousy. My jealousy problem is severe and I feel like there is nothing that I can do to make it go away.

I am four months pregnant and we have a seven year old son. I don’t completely want to lose my husband he is a really great guy and I love him with all of my heart.

We talk everyday but every time I talk to him I feel like I drive him away even more without even realizing it until it is already happened?

I was wondering if you have any kind of advice that I can follow to get him completely back into my life again and get rid of the jealousy.

I feel like these emails and advice are helping me a lot. I just really hope I can get back with my husband so we can enjoy being new parents together.

Thank you,

If jealous love is as over-powering as Alice’s, make sure to look for Part 3 of this article tomorrow, where you’ll learn the next step in confronting  jealousy.

From Sarah – Rori Raye rocks – even her sales pages are amazing, filled with information and help – she goes at this relationship thing and attraction thing in a different way than anyone out there. Visit her website to learn how you can have the relationship of your dreams, get your free Rori Raye newsletters, and get more tips about dealing with your Jealous Love .

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