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Do you know that if you’re thinking, “How to get a guy interested in me?”… you might already be putting yourself in the kind of mental and emotional space that is going to push the man in your life further away from you, instead of helping you as you figure out how to get a guy.

Here’s why, and what to do about it that will keep you from ever having to wonder again how to get a guy… and instead naturally inspire that magic emotion called ATTRACTION inside your guy.

What do you think the single biggest turn off is for a man?

Do you know how to get a guy to the place where he’s wanting more than just a “casual” and physical relationship with you, and instead asking or begging you for more of your time?

If you don’t instantly and intuitively know how to do this with a man, then I want you to think about how this might work with a guy for a moment.

First, let me tell you what I can guarantee and know from experience can and will NEVER WORK for you.

It’s becoming a woman who a man feels is NEEDY around him.

Now, I know immature men throw this word and label around about women way too often, so let me clear the air.

When a man senses a woman is acting or feeling needy, no matter how sweet or beautiful or generous that woman might be… a man will suddenly have an emotional “shift” inside and stop feeling any and all ATTRACTION for her. That’s not how to get a guy interested or attracted for the long-term.

And the worst part- you don’t even have to be a needy woman for a man to feel this way and react this way with you.

If he simply catches a few of the wrong words from you, or a bit of the wrong body language, or senses too many intense emotions he doesn’t fully understand but he knows are directed towards him… he’ll have his “needy button” triggered.

Words like, “Where were you last weekend?” or “Why didn’t you call?”

And what does a man do when this happens?

You got it- he WITHDRAWS, completely.

And this only makes you feel worse.

So how to get a guy and get him thinking about and wanting you?

Let me tell you a little secret about men and how to get a guy-

Secret #1 On How To Get A Guy: Men want a woman who they feel is EASY to make HAPPY

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  1. Becca on December 18, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    So how do you give him that space, without withdrawing yourself?
    Because that’s what seems to happen.
    If I’m not showing interest then guys label me as “uninterested” or “too independent”
    But as soon as I start showing interest they start throwing labels at me like “clingy” and “needy”

  2. Sarah on December 19, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Becca – Fantastic Question! This is Rori Raye’s specialty –
    because she teaches you how to be both “Leaned Back” and yet “open and warm and inviting.” It has to do with creating ATTRACTION without “chasing” a man with your energy. It has to do with the WAY you “show” a man you’re interested, the words and body language you use. It’s skills and a willingness to be open and vulnerable and express yourself in a Feeling” way….go check her out, and we have lots of articles here about this topic, too… Sincerely, Sarah

  3. Nathalie on October 29, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    hi baby, first i want to tell you that i did not call or send you any thing before because i don’t know what to say,i am very shy because you are always better than me i really love you too much i don’t know if i say sorry maybe is not enough i did too much mistakes i am lost with out you i really miss you i know you will never trust me again and will never give another chance, you really deserve better than me you are soo good person i know i lost you and i really regretted what i did please don’t do any thing with your self you don’t deserve to think about me or because of you do something with your self because of me , i don’t know what to write really sorry , sorry sorry love love you i really love you , take care .

    (This is the mail my boyfriend sent me because I found out that he’s sleeping with his colleague. He has done this many times with different ladies. We are in a long distance relationship for 2 years now. Pls help me, what does my boyfriend mean about his letter? Do you think he still in love with me or with the new lady? Plssss help.. Thanks.

    I threatened my boyfriend to kill myself cuz of what he did anf for hurting me so much…Guys, please help me….thanks

  4. Rowena on October 31, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Nathalie, I am not sure at what stage you are in now in regards to the letter but can’t you see that you deserve a better man. You are worth it. So WORTH it!! No woman should ever kill herself over a man like this. You DESERVE a better MAN; a REAL MAN…sincerely Rowena.

  5. Felicia on November 8, 2011 at 6:36 am

    I just started dating a man a couple of months ago. He is really great and things are going very well. The only issue I have with our situation is that he has a very close connection to his ex girlfriends two grand daughters. He does not speak to his his ex but he does baby sit these two girls every weekend while their mother goes to school. I understand that he sees them as his family but it gets in the way when I do not have my kids for the weekend and he is babysitting two girls that aren’t his. Btw, he has no children of his own. I do spend time with him on some weekends when just the 1 year old is there but when the 4 year old is there, he doesn’t include me because he doesn’t want to tell her that he and her grandmother are no longer together. Some how he feels a responsibility to protect her from that information. Anyway, I am ok that he still has a relationship with them, but I would like to have at least Sundays to ourselves with the girls. I don’t know if I have the right to ask for this because we haven’t been together for very long but it gets frustrating when I am sitting at home or have to find something else to do because he chooses to babysit. I need some advice in this situation

  6. audrey on December 18, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    Felicia, are you crazy? No self respecting man would babysit two little girls. One and four? AND he asks them to keep secrets from their mother(that u weren’t there?)their mother must be nuts!teaching those girls to trust a man at such an innicent age-they are defenseless. Where’s grandma,or auntie? I would stay away from this situation, after I call child svcs. To pay them a surprise call.

  7. Annabell on December 30, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Chris is so right about so many important things in regards to men, how they react, what they want, and how to be the woman he wants.
    I had (inaccurately) assumed the man with whom I had been dating and with whom I had been having sex for over a year was “into” me and committed. Wrong. He had been dating me with the intent of finding someone “better”. At the beginning of the relationship, I had never anticipated him to be this type of man. However, as the relationship had progressed, and I was already emotionally involved, I thought it was something about me- the way I look, the way I don’t look; the way I think, act, what I believe, etc.
    At first I had felt guilty about dating another while he and I were dating. But I soon realized just because I had made a commitment, he never had. I began accepting invitations and going on dates with other men. The firm rule I had set for myself was that I could date whomever I choose, but I will not date with anyone of them until that man steps up to the plate, realizes what an amazing and worthwhile woman I am, and wants to make a commitment.
    The first man I had been dating had been taken aback (as you can probably imagine:). I no longer was his “friend with benefits”, and he no longer had as an important part in my life. Rude awakening for him.
    Needless to say, he and I are not dating. Instead, I am dating a man who readily tells me I am beautiful, smart, sophisticated, sexy, intelligent, and so on.. . now what woman does not want to hear these words from a man who is not just saying them but meaning them?
    I am thankful for all the wisdom and insight I have gained through reading about men. If not, I would still be with the same guy wondering what I was doing wrong, and not being respected, valued, and loved by the man in my life.

  8. Lydia on April 16, 2014 at 7:07 am

    So a guy starting texting me and I started responding and was playing hard to get… Then a few days went by and I asked him whether he was interested or just playing me… Idiot!!!! Then he said he was busy.. I told him he was a player.. Told him i was into him.. He said.. One needs time to reflect before responding. I know i came on too strong and now I’ve lost him. I haven’t heard in 2 days…. But.. Is there any way of getting them back once you have done it..? Making him interested?

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