There are a few people that reach adulthood without experiencing that first kiss. But even if you’ve had plenty, every first kiss with a new man is a first kiss of its own.

If you’re in the group that’s yet to have that very first first kiss, you’ve probably spent some time imagining it. You’ll also probably be nervous about messing it all up. Or maybe you’re nervous about how to kiss your new crush, even though you’ve kissed plenty of men before…

First of all, if this is really the first kiss, try to save it for someone special to you. Kissing is an incredible feeling and you want to share it with someone who truly values you.

The individual you kiss is the part that makes it all wonderful. Don’t let your nervousness ruin the moment for you.

Don’t Rush Things

Slow down. Let it start slow and last …

When your lips touch, keep it gentle and easy. Think of getting to know the shape, the texture, the warmth of his lips. Then, if you want to go further …

Don’t try overly dramatic or you might end up with a chipped tooth. That’s definitely embarrassing.

Let yourself relax into it. If you allow your thoughts to recede, your intuition will take over. Kissing is one of the most natural and pleasurable actions in the world. Let yourself love kissing. Stop trying to assess how good you are at it.

Live Inside Your Body

Allow your mind to connect fully with your body. A lot of woman describe the experience of imagining themselves from the outside during romantic experiences – wondering if they look as good as Hollywood counterparts.

Don’t make headspeace for that nonsense. Let the moment move through you and in you. Let your motivation come from within, not without.

The Nitty Gritty

If you’re pretty sure that you’re going to be getting that first kiss, pay attention to your dental hygiene. No one wants to kiss someone with bad breath.

Brush your teeth, gargle, avoid eating onions and garlic. Bring breath mints or gum with you.

And if other people are around, don’t worry about them seeing you kiss. It’s none of their business.

It’s all about going with how you feel at the moment and losing yourself in the kiss.

The Lead In

If you want that kiss to happen, let all the steps leading to it happen. Usually there’s an increase in casual touch – on the shoulder, arm, maybe he takes your hand. Let him know if you welcome that kind of attention, and don’t feel to shy to set a hand on his shoulder in return.

Let eye contact linger. And let your bodies draw naturally closer.

As long as the person you’re kissing is special to you, it will be a special moment.

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