good menby Carol Allen

If you feel like you never meet any good men, you may not realize that they’re all around you. Seriously – the last time I checked, there were almost three billion men on the planet!

Good men are EVERYWHERE… If you’re only running into the bad ones, I have GOOD news for you – you can change that! You just need to change what you’re doing, and perhaps what you’re NOT doing.

Every day I talk to sweet, smart, nice, HOT women who all tell me the same thing… They never meet any good men!

And when I look at their astrology charts, I often see the same thing over and over that’s to blame.

Here’s what I see – the traits of shyness, a need for privacy, or introversion.

I’ll say to them, “You never talk to strangers, do you?”
And they always laugh and say, “No, I don’t.”

So, if this is your problem – that you never meet any good men – then I promise this is what your chart says, too!

And here’s what happens… see if this sounds familiar (because this is what these women admit to me daily…).

Why You Don’t Find Good Men

In a nutshell, you NEVER speak to men first, never smile at men you don’t know, NEVER compliment a man you haven’t met, and so NEVER send a man any signals that you’d possibly be interested! Especially if you see a HOT GUY you could actually like! You clam up, look away, and then walk away – only to look back and think, “Where’d he go?” So what happens?

Nice, good men who aren’t PLAYERS spot you out in the world – shopping, running errands, etc., and think, “Hmmm… she’s interesting…

She looks nice…

I wish I could meet her…

Let me see if she seems open to meeting me…” So, they wait and they watch and they HOPE that you’ll smile at them or let them know in any way that they can approach, but you DO NOT. So disappointed, the men don’t want to make a fool of themselves, or bother you, or get SHOT DOWN so they give up and walk on, assuming you either MUST BE TAKEN or must not be interested, hoping to run into another nice woman who will HOPEFULLY send them a signal later.

And what happens to you?

You go through life sending no signals to men, keeping to yourself, and wondering why you’re alone. I’ve even had VERY beautiful women tell me this same sad tale over and over… They’re just mystified that they only meet jerks – or no one at all! It makes no difference if you’re pretty or plain.

Here’s why: If you don’t let men know you’re available and interested, then only BAD MEN who don’t mind BOTHERING WOMEN will approach you. And then – because you’re so lonely and meeting NO ONE ELSE, you think, “Wow – someone likes me! I’ll give him a chance…” And the next thing you know, you’re in love with a big bozo and miserable, proving to yourself, yet again, that all MEN SUCK… Whew!

Say Hi to Those Good Men

So – do you get how much your life could DRAMATICALLY change by doing just ONE SMALL thing?
By smiling and saying hello to men you don’t know! Seriously, it could change over night… The world could be raining good men.

Now, if you’re super confused because you’ve read eighteen books that have all told you that men LOVE “the chase,” and are happiest when a woman is “hard to get,” and that you should ALWAYS let a man lead in the beginning, there’s something you don’t understand… You have to INSPIRE him to want to!

You gotta let him know it’s okay to approach. And THEN let him knock himself out!

Seriously – all the best marriages I know (yes, including mine) were started by the woman doing something FIRST – saying hello, asking the man a question, paying him a compliment, or just giving him a big smile. (I walked up to my husband at a party because we both had ripped jeans on with our knees exposed and said, “I’m sorry, Sir – I’m with the ‘Naked Kneecap Patrol’ and I’m afraid I have to cite you.”

Yes, it was that CHEESY and goofy, but I guess saying the word, “naked” was the winning strategy – because he called me almost every day for three weeks after that until I’d go out with him. :)) So do yourself and the nice men of the world a favor – and say hello! Or ask for the time… or comment on the weather… or gas prices… or ANYTHING. You don’t even have to be charming or funny. And stand back and be amazed at how your life changes…

Studies show that roughly EIGHTY PERCENT of relationships are started by the woman making it clear to the man that it’s okay to approach. So that shy, coy, “come hither” act you’re doing is as out-dated as dropping your hankie at a man’s feet, and probably getting you about as much action…

Meeting men and dating should be FUN – if you find it just a big, depressing drag, or if it’s been so long you can barely remember, then I promise you your skills need an upgrade.

And may God and his planets and stars shower
you with love!
Carol Allen

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