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I’m going to share 2 powerful tips for turning a passionless and distant relationship around immediately.

Imagine being back in that place you were in when you and the man in your life first started getting to know each other. Imagine having him excited just to be with you and be close to you the way he used to be. Imagine everything suddenly feeling EASY and free again, the way love is supposed to when it’s working.

Now imagine that this can happen right away for you in your relationship, if you just put a few of the right tools and steps into place.

Keep reading and I’ll show you how your man can and will be quickly transformed by you and your natural feminine power as a woman.

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Shifting From Blaming & Criticism to Vulnerability in Your Relationship:

A man doesn’t want a woman who’s upset, irritable, and hard to be close to. In fact, that’s the last thing most men want, and the first reason most men start thinking about leaving a relationship with a woman they used to love.

But most women don’t become hard-edged, annoyed and worn down by their man and relationship on purpose. They stop getting what they want, and so they start to build WALLS and shut down the part of them that was VULNERABLE and that a man could love in the first place. Does any of this sound familiar?

Think back to the last time you were in a fight with your man or he did or said something that really got under your skin? How did you react?

Did you feel yourself tighten and become disconnected from him emotionally? Was it difficult to open up and really LISTEN to what he had to say because all you could think about was how wrong he was?

I get it. When you’re feeling resentful or disconnected from a man because he’s hurt you, the LAST thing you want to do is to become softer, more vulnerable or accepting of the love and attention he wants to give you.

That’s because when your man has let you down in some way, your normal reaction is to PUSH HIM AWAY. You do that because you want him to know and to FEEL how much you’re hurting, and you want him to see you and love you.

But instead of loving him to get him to love you back, you do things like:

-Criticize him

-Pretend like nothing is wrong and withdraw

-Get angry at little things he says

-Withhold your love, affection, and sex

-Give him the “silent treatment”

But if it’s MORE that you want, why is it so often that you find yourself giving LESS?

For most women, this happens because they already feel like they are giving too much of themselves. And that they’re the only one giving, or they’re just not getting much if anything back for all that they do for their guy. Sound familiar?

You start to think that everything you’re doing for the relationship is a chore, or just plain hard work, and you let him know in obvious (and not so obvious) ways. You start to see not just the thing he did that upset you – but ALL the ways he upsets you or irritates you.

So all the little things he does that were just little annoying “quirks” before become one of the many major reasons why things “just aren’t working.” One thing sets it off, but now he can’t do ANYTHING right in your eyes.

But here’s the result of going down those paths – they never get you the solution you’re REALLY looking for, or get you what you really want and need from your man. Which is – more love and affection. More understanding. More connection.

There’s a better way.

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