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A great relationship is what we all want.

So – what makes the difference between a relationship that lasts an hour and one that lasts a lifetime?

And – most important – how can YOU turn your serial dating (or Rori Raye‘s Circular Dating) into a lifelong partnership with a great man?

For a Relationship to Last, There Are Few Basic Requirements

The rapidity with which relationships are breaking up these days is hard to feel “okay” with.

We see female celebrities having a rough time keeping a relationship going even a few months.We see people breaking up after a few years. We see heartbreak all around us.

We start to wonder if any men out there are capable of long-term relationship, or even if there IS any such thing anymore as long-term relationship.

Well, at LoveRomanceRelationship we BELIEVE in relationship.  We believe in intimacy.  And we believe that in the “old days” – when people stuck together no matter what – intimacy, happiness, communication may not have been of the quality we expect to have these days.

As women, we expect passion to continue forever.  We expect to be treated with respect.  These are things that always used to take a back seat to duty, family, commitment.

To make it all even worse, it’s very confusing for men these days. Unlike in days past – they’re expected to be more like women and open up their feelings – and yet expected to still be “masculine” and provide well.

In today’s economic conditions – those old-fashioned values and new-fashioned expectations can collide.  They often just don’t apply.

This makes it ever more crucial for us to learn the nuts-and-bolts of how we instinctively run from intimacy – sometimes just by picking the wrong men!

So here are some ideas for how to make a relationship that lasts for a long time, and some of the major factors that affect the survival of a relationship:

Selection Of Our Relationship Partner

Sometimes, our selection of a man may be wrong (duh). We mean: Really, really wrong – even while, at the same time your mind is wondering if he’s all that wrong,  it feels really really right!

We may have nothing in common and our values and goals may be very different. (Things we just push out of our consciousness if the devilish chemistry is hot.)

With bad selection from the beginning, no relationship can survive for long. You just can’t fit a square peg into a round hole without trying to CHANGE somebody – and trying to change somebody is the death of any relationship.

One of the main reasons of wrong partner selection may be hurry. Yeah – you may feel a sense of urgency about getting a man, and then, coupled with chemistry, you’re pretty much being led down into the pit of relationship disaster (Jennifer Aniston is the poster girl for this over the last few years since Brad – and we hope she’s got Mr. Right this time..).

You’ve got to keep your head about you enough to actually “assess” a man’s true nature.

Chemistry and urgency can combine miserably to keep us from paying attention to what’s really going on with a man (Bachelorette’s Ashley and her intense crush on bad boy Bentley, for instance.)


Well – first – what the heck IS communication?

We know this word is thrown around a lot – but what does it MEAN?

How do you do it?

Bad communication, for us – is basically superficial.

It can be superficial sweet and nice, or it can be superficial raging angry – but it’s all superficial.

No ones talking about their true feelings, and everyone’s talking about what the OTHER is doing wrong!

It’s as though there is no “I” in the process, and we start to feel completely dependent for our very emotional existence on the man.

No wonder we feel insecure…realtionship IS insecure!  In truth, no one EVER knows what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Part of being mature enough to BE in a long-term, forever relationship is the willingness to chance being who you are at every moment regardless of what effect that will have on our men.

And part of being mature enough to be in a long-term, forever relationship is KNOWING who you are enough to  know

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