By Editor Sarah:

We’re getting more questions about what to do about a cheating man than about anything else – here’s a letter from Jo-Lynn:

“Hi, I have is a feeling that he’s cheating but do you have any suggestions as to how I can find out without confronting him directly? I know he’d get upset and flip out if I even asked so……..I just need to know…Thanks, Jo-Lynn”

***Jo-Lynn, I went searching for real professional help with this issue for you…there are a lot of products and books out there, therapists, and a lot of articles that seem “general” or “smarmy” to me, and I wanted to offer real, specific help for you…

From everything I’ve read – there are two ways to go at this problem of whether or not he’s cheating and what to do about it if he is:

1. Find out if he’s cheating – snoop, search, hire a detective, watch every move he makes, analyze everything he says and everything he does.

This way to go involves finding the best way to ask him, confront him, or otherwise get him to either prove he’s not cheating, or admit it. And…

2. Ask yourself if you even want to be around someone you don’t trust totally.
This way to go is all about self-esteem, honesty in a relationship, and your own feelings of neediness and desperation around a particular man – or in all romantic relationships – and what you can do to help yourself around THAT.

If right now you want to find out if he’s cheating and what to do about it – try this: Her name is Stephanie Shields, and her info on the page is helpful, and the book seriously clues you in to the body language and behavior a cheating man puts out – and Stephanie teaches you exactly how to pick up on that behavior and approach him so you’ll KNOW – and then what to DO about it.
Click here to get to Stephanie … Sarah

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