romanceWhy does romance fade away in your so exciting relationship?

Why does he call less, seem less interested in everything – going out, having sex, looking deeply into your eyes?

And how can you keep it all alive and glowing and thrilling – so that he feels COMPELLED to be around you all the time …and always?

Here’s one great way to rekindle the romance and some how-to steps:

Let’s call this Tip:

For Romance, Take Charge of How You Perceive Your Man Each Day

The good feelings between you and a man are often heightened by the way in which you view one another.

Do you view him as a hero? Someone you can look up to and respect? Or are you mostly dwelling upon his/her faults? After a relationship has gone on for a while it is easy to begin to view one another as ordinary.

This is a sure-fire technique for putting out any fire that might exist. Remember, when you first fell in love, you only saw the best about that person and focused on how wonderful they were. If you want to keep the romance alive, keep that going consciously.

Here are two exercises to do to help the romance. Get a personal notebook to record your experiences and feelings in. Read it from time to time. Dedicated a certain time each day to the relationship and what is possible between the two of you.

How You See Your Partner Affects Romance

Exercise A:

Take some time and write down a description of how you see your partner. Who is he/she to you now? How do you feel about him? Write this down without censoring your thoughts and feelings.

Then, write down how you saw him when you first met, and how you felt about him then. See how your feelings of closeness are affected by the way you are perceiving the person today. Realize that how you perceive a person is totally within your control. You can have the most beautiful person in front of you, but if you do not see it, it is of no avail.

Consciously view your partner in a way that is similar to the way you did in the beginning when romance was strong. They will feel the effects of this, and begin responding in kind.

Exercise B – Stop Pushing Him/Her Away

There are many, little things we do (consciously and unconsciously) that push our partners away. Many are afraid of intimacy, which fosters romance, and do a great deal to short circuit it. Take a little while to write down ways in which you push him/her away. This is not to blame yourself, but to become aware of the times when you are not actually inviting closeness, but putting on the brakes.

Now, decide to change the way you behave. Each day take one item on your list (the way you’ve pushed him away) and do the opposite. For example, rather than criticizing him in public, say nice things about him with friends. A few small actions can have huge effects on romance.

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