romanceSome believe that romance should just come naturally, and if it doesn’t, or if the original closeness that existed in a relationship starts to subside, it means that something is wrong.

Nothing is further from the truth! Keeping love alive requires time, attention and the willingness to keep things fresh and learn how to constantly reconnect. Here are:

5 Steps To Reconnect With Your Man, and Keep Your Love and Romance Alive

1. To Fire Up The Romance, Give Up Dead Routines

After the initial excitement of being together was over, did you fall into a routine and begin taking each another for granted?

Did you start to assume you know what he’s feeling, and do you feel like your feelings and needs are starting to be taken for granted or just not noticed as much?
Does it feel like he’s so “comfortable” now that it doesn’t matter if he comes late for a date with you, doesn’t look as good as he used to, or decides to spend more and more time out with friends?

The thing is, you can turn all this around if you start by looking at the many small ways both of you might be sabotaging the relationship. Unless two people feel cared for and valued by one another, it’s easy for the feelings of love to fade away – and even easier to not NOTICE that they’re fading away because tension starts to build up when your needs are going untended.

So – you have to go first! You have to break into your own routines. You have to take firm steps to snap out of whatever “rut” or “sameness” you’ve been living with.

2. Find some things that excite you, that make YOU feel romantic.

Places and “dates” that might cost practically nothing can breathe fresh life and romance into your relationship – like walks, driving to different areas of town just to stroll through a bookstore or have coffee, museums, observatories, planatariums. Lectures. Free classes.

Even if you do these things alone – YOU’ll start to feel more romantic just being with YOU, and that will start to “slop” over onto him and the whole relationship. Romance is “transferable”!

3. Take time to enjoy the pleasure of just BEING with him…

…Even if it’s just watching TV and eating a microwave dinner.

4. Really get “present” with him.

This feels challenging if you’re caught up in work and daily life scheduling, and you always feel like you’re “multi-tasking,” as so many of us women do. So you have to be really vigilant about dropping all your other thoughts when you’re around him, looking him in the eye (and KEEPING eye contact with him whenever he’s talking), relaxing your body as best you can, and focusing on just listening to him, and “being there.”

5. Romance is in the small things

Pay attention to the short moments you pass each other in your home, or out in public.

Take the time to touch him gently, look him in the eye and smile at him! Make yourself sit down with him and listen to him without trying to create a full discussion or conversation.

Make the most of every small moment you spend together, and the romance will blossom back!

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  1. Hilda on December 9, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Yes these were the things that brought us together in the beginning. Need to go back to the basic.

  2. Richa Kumar on May 27, 2011 at 2:25 am

    Life today has mechanised so much that couples hardly have time for each other. In order to maintain the special bond with your partner, you need to

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