How To Keep Mr. Right Moving Towards You

If he’s a masculine-energy man and he’s truly interested in you, when you lean back (physically, verbally and mentally) and get into your feminine energy, he’ll instinctively feel compelled to come towards you if you do this correctly.

by Helena Hart

Here’s why…

If you’re feeling a sense of LONGING for a man or you’re feeling compelled to “go after” him – especially a man who isn’t giving you all the love, attention and affection you want – you’re in your masculine energy, and that’s never going to work for you!

Leaning forward and chasing a man (even in very subtle ways) will push him away on a deep, subconscious level.

What you want to do instead is the OPPOSITE of “go after” him – you want to lean back and inspire him to pursue YOU.

That’s what will build a deep attraction with a man – since men value what they have to work for, just like we do!

Often, the time when a woman feels the most compelled to lean forward is when a man’s energy is NOT coming towards her.

If the man you want isn’t paying attention to you – instead of leaning towards him or “going after” him – you want to lean back and create the space for him to come towards you.

If you’ve made a man “the goal” in your mind, you’re going to have to get yourself some new goals that have NOTHING to do with him. In other words, your masculine energy needs something else to do!

Taking your focus completely OFF of a man is what creates the space for him to come towards you.

If a man isn’t paying attention to you, what you want to do is pull your energy off of him.

In order to do that, you’re going to have to find some other things to do that will completely absorb your time, energy and attention.

This works wonders if you’re in the same house with a man and he’s ignoring you, or if you’re dating a man and he’s not contacting you right now and you’re having a hard time taking your mind off of him.

For me, this looked like getting my masculine energy in gear for MYSELF and my own life – rather than using my masculine energy to try to “make something happen” with a man.

Before I created a business that I love, I was using my masculine energy in all the wrong ways by focusing all of my mental energy on trying to “get” a man to love me and give me the relationship I wanted (usually a man who was emotionally unavailable and not interested in a real relationship).

I wasn’t following my dreams so I found myself trying to “make up the difference” in my love life – I was so attached to the “result” with men that I never got what I wanted.

When I started using my masculine energy for myself and my OWN life, that’s when everything turned around for me.

Using your masculine energy for YOURSELF – rather than using it to try to “make something happen” in dating and relationships – is what creates the space for you to be in your feminine energy when you’re with a man, which will make you incredibly attractive to him!

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