A man’s sex drive works exactly like a bottle rocket.

You light his fire, blast him off, and then watch him explode.

This 3 step process takes any man from not even thinking about sex, through to a mind blowing orgasm, and it all starts with words.

Step 1) Light His Fire

Snag his wandering attention into thinking about having sex with you, by making a comment about how horny he makes you, and describing the affect he is having on your body face-to-face, through text messaging, or on the phone.

This will kick start his “inner caveman” to start craving a taste of your body by focusing on the part of your body he likes the most.

As discussed in Hack His Mind, sparking his interest is the KEY to starting dirty talk:

2) Blast Him Off

Work his excited mind up by teasing him with things you might let him do to you, if he’s a good little boy.

Give him something to lust after by painting pleasure pictures in his mind of what could happen if you surrendered to his primal desire.

Make sure to remind him that you’re only this horny because of him, and it’s entirely his fault for making you act the way you are. This will start escalating the pace of his orgasm by expressing your desire to please him more and more as time goes by.

In Hack His Mind the hidden secrets of blasting a man off are revealed in super-simple step by step terms.

3) Watch Him Explode

Stroke his ego and make his orgasm a team sport. Treat his approaching orgasm as if you were his kinky cheerleader and encourage him to go faster and harder for you because it turns you on.

Command that he cum for you – and only you – harder than he has ever cum before.

Ride out his wave and show him how much you really care by experiencing the excitement of his pleasure as your own satisfaction, and he will be happier with you then you’ve ever seen!

Watching him explode is the best part! This is the general escalation of dirty talk. You got to get his attention and thinking sexually, then build anticipation, then finally deliver.

Simple, really.

Men aren’t all that complicated once you know the “insider” secrets to how the male mind works. Try this one out and see for yourself.

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If you follow these techniques – WATCH OUT! Your man might ACTUALLY explode.

And be completely obsessed and YOURS forever!

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