improve your relationshipAre you feeling you need to improve your relationship? You may think this will require you to do more for your partner.  Many of us, especially women, put others’ needs before our own. We constantly feel like we’re trying to hard and the other person isn’t truly appreciating us. We eventually resent those who have been on the receiving end of our love and attention. Putting yourself first can make all the difference. And, no, it’s not selfish. In fact, you can’t really meet other people’s needs without first meeting your own, creating balance for yourself. Loving yourself is the most important foundation for having a loving and satisfying relationship with another.

If we, women, constantly ignore our basic needs, we drain ourselves of energy, only making the situation worse. We realize that our own needs are not being met, and we become resentful, withdrawing the help and support we so freely offered to others before. But if we put ourselves first from the get-go, we’ll actually end up with more energy to share.

You’ll Improve Your Relationship!

I’m going to give you some really easy-to-follow tips for loving and taking better care of yourself.  These will keep your happy energy overflowing, fulfilling the life of those around you as well as yourself. Everyone wins when we learn to love ourselves. It’s the surest way to improve you relationship.  Let’s get you started:

Improve your relationship by living a healthy lifestyle – The first step to accomplishing great things is meeting our body’s most basic needs. You’ll feel new energy simply by replacing excess sugar and refined foods with whole foods and lots of water. Also, daily exercise increases your metabolism, keeping your whole system running smoothly. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, which won’t be hard if you’re eating well and exercising.  If you sleep fully, your brain will recharge itself fully.

Improve your relationship by expressing yourself – To keep yourself connected with your mental state express how we feel. You can do this in lots of ways. Keep a personal journal for the things you don’t feel you can share with others. Use this too vent, and you’ll find your negative emotions ease up a great deal. Creative expression is important too.  If you’re into movies, allow yourself to feel and experience the wide range of emotions in a movie, or start making your own work, invest in a hobby that’s close to your heart.  Photography and other visual arts are good for this.

Improve Your Relationship by Spending Time Alone

Before you can love yourself, you need to know who you are.  And you need to get to know who you are on your own.  Spend a little time being introspective, figure out what makes you tick, what makes you unique.  Discover yourself and learn to love it. You don’t need to go on a solo vacation to do this, though if you have the time, that’s a great investment.  You can also just take a long bath. Go for a drive or just quietly meditate. You have to appreciate your own company to feel truly assured that everyone else does as well.  And the relaxation will do wonders for your state of mind and your relationships.

Improve your relationship by pampering yourself – Finally, take the time to treat yourself on occasion. Go to a spa, get a manicure, or tickets to a concert or event. Create more opportunities for fun and happiness in your life. By allowing yourself to splurge and live it up now and again, you’ll realize the goodness others feel when you are able to help them.

I hope these tips help you love yourself and improve your relationship.

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