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When meeting new guys, first impressions may not be the most important thing.

But it’s still pretty important — mess it up, and you ruin your chances with him before you’ve even gotten started!

And that’s the problem that many single women face today. They’re simply lousy at making good first impressions!

They’re too shy to approach a guy they like, and so that all-important first conversation never happens. And then they stay up all night wondering “what might have been.”

Ladies, let me tell you this — don’t ROB yourself of a wonderful love life! Leaving a great first impression is not a popularity game.

It’s a CONFIDENCE game!

And in today’s newsletter, I’ll teach you a few exercises on how to increase your dating confidence almost instantly.

Why? Because…


Sure, the sexiest and most physically-attractive women catch the most boys…

But it’s the CONFIDENT women who weed the men from the boys! When you’re more confident than most other women, it’s the real, mature, commitment-ready men who notice.

There’s just one problem with dating confidence — no one is born with it!

Many of are either too shy, or we try to “act” confident hoping the guy’s gullible enough to fall for it. Either way, you end up with weaker, commitment-phobic boys.

I hope that’s NOT what you want!

Dating confidence doesn’t grow overnight, by the way. It takes time and practice. But that’s okay — confidence is meant to be learned slowly and steadily, through forming tiny new confidence-building habits.

And in this newsletter, I’ll be teaching you three exercises you can try out TODAY!

Let’s start with the first exercise:


Traditionally, it’s the guy who’s supposed to make the first move, right?

But unfortunately, decades of feminism and “social etiquette” has made today’s average man sadly ill-equipped to do so! These days, people think love is something that “just happens” in their lives — no “first moves” required.

And what untold misery this idea has caused!

So here’s a special, unorthodox challenge for you — learn to make the first move! It’s a simple exercise that instantly injects a good dose of spice and excitement into your love life.

And, you guessed it, it’s a show of confidence that impresses the guys!

Mind you, I’m not telling you to make the first move to initiate the relationship.

I’m not telling you to flirt out of the blue, either.

It’s simpler than that — start with mustering the confidence to say “hi” first, just to break the ice. (If you’re just starting out, it can be tougher than it sounds!)

Simply saying the first “hi” instantly tells men that you’re confident, friendly, and independent enough not to care what other people think.

Having the guts to say “hi” first is incredibly liberating — and guess what? Most men won’t hesitate to say “hi” back.


When we like a certain guy, we naturally want him to like us too.

And that’s why when he’s a little unresponsive, we feel the need to call him up, talk to him more often, and maybe even find ways to “bump” into him in town.

Unfortunately, that sends the wrong message — it tells him you’re a little too excited to get a relationship started. And that scares a guy away!

That’s why we need a different approach. Instead of chasing him, let’s invite him closer! Let’s find ways to entice him, attract him, and invite him into our lives.

One of my favorite examples is the strategy I taught one of my shyer clients a few years back.

She wasn’t great at saying “hi” first, so I taught her how to maintain eye contact with a guy, and give him a smile that said, “Hey, nice to see you again!”

(Yes, even when they’ve never met before!)

No words necessary. No chasing necessary. But it was still enough to make men smile back, walk over, and start a conversation themselves.

See? Socially speaking, it’s still the guy who made the first move. You just INVITED HIM IN!

Go ahead — try to find ways of inviting him in. Make sure they send the right message!

And finally, here’s our third confidence exercise:


Want to leave a GREAT impression?

Then be an optimist!

Learn to become a person who simply loves life, instead of someone who keeps finding the bad things about it.

It’s a sad fact, but too many of us focus more on the problems that come our way — both in the dating game and outside of it.

And as a result, it makes us look, sound, and feel unappealing and unattractive. Not a good first impression to leave on a guy you like, right?

So here’s the exercise — try not to focus on your problems. Try not to focus on your fears and anxiety and nervousness about being with a guy you like for the first time.

Instead, just focus on having a good time. If you’re on a date or meeting a new guy you like, just focus on having a good time and being a great date!

Trust me, these days men are tired of being around women who complain a lot. It’s so common that it’s boring for men!

But when you break the stereotype and show him you’re someone who simply enjoys being alive, you’ll sweep him off his feet!


In dating, confidence is the great equalizer. Even if you’re not particularly smart or rich or beautiful, being confident and optimistic will undoubtedly make men notice.

And as more and more men get to know the beautiful new you, finding “the one” should only be a matter of time!

In today’s newsletter, we just scratched the surface of dating confidence. Try these three exercises out in your own love life today — you might be surprised at how much easier meeting new men becomes for you!

But why stop at the first impression?

Why not learn ALL the Secrets of dating confidence?

Why not learn the deeper, more powerful exercises that not only make meeting new men easier, but also make starting and maintaining a strong, happy, long-term relationship with a great man easier?

To the happiness you deserve,

~Alexandra Fox

From LoveRomanceRelationship: Alexandra is the author of the well-loved book “77 Secrets to Make Him Love You” among others. Visit her webpage to find out about her book and learn from more of her fabulous advice about avoiding love mistakes.

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