love againYour question:

Please let me know how to teach my current guy how to love again cause he is so broken.

Dominique’s answer:

I don’t know what’s going on with you or with him or with the two of you, but the only way to “teach” your man anything IF he’s going to learn is by putting your focus all the way back onto yourself.

You need to take all of your energy, all of the fretting and worrying, all of this anxiety and putting into YOU. Men can feel the clinginess, the neediness, and it doesn’t feel good to them or make them love again. It can make them want to run as fast as they can the other way.

To Learn to Love Again – Love You

So your goal is to be fulfilled within you. You need to fill your life with work, hobbies, friends, activities that make YOU feel good. YOU need to take care of YOU, treat yourself like the precious gift which you are. You need to fill yourself with love and respect for YOU.

You have to heal YOU first. Men tend to take our lead in this. IF your man is truly your “the one”, and he’s a good man, he will consciously or not heal right along with you, BUT this CANNOT be your main objective.

When You Love Again:

When you get to a place where you can feel good regardless of what he’s doing or not doing is the time he MAY “come around.” And if he does, you may still want him, but you also may very well find you don’t want him so much anymore. If he doesn’t “come around” and love again, there will be someone else and a far better someone else who would be thrilled to be your “the one.”

xxoo Dominique

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