love flirtingby Allana Pratt

I have really only learned to love flirting recently. I was kind of dorky, growing up, and I began to feel beautiful in my 20’s but not sexy until my late 30’s. I didn’t know if I could truly trust someone, so I ended up not even trying which left me lonely and uninspired.   There is the solution.

How Can I Be Sexy, Love Flirting, And Not Attract A Man’s Slimy Attention?

Being sexy and not attracting a man’s slimy attention at the same time may not always be possible, but the slimy attention can often be avoided with a healthy dose of confidence. First of all, when we’re being sexy but needy, we tend to attract the not too noble ones. When we’re confident and being sexy, when we love ourselves as much as we love flirting, we tend to attract the good ones. It comes down to learning the art of flirting.

Flirting is not about getting the reaction you want so much as it’s about you being fully expressed in the world, willing to engage for the sake of the unknown mystery. Flirting is not only for when you can be impermeable, safe at every moment and void of the slimy ones.

Love Flirting, Love Yourself

You can control nothing in this world so you’re always vulnerable to be hurt if you open your heart. And yet on the other hand, nothing and no one can ever take away your love for yourself unless you let them. So yes, it would hurt if you risked flirting and he didn’t respond or responded like a slime, yet you’ve lost nothing and perhaps not gained him, but gained more confidence in being exactly who you are regardless of what people think. Now THAT is freedom and a woman free in her skin is the sexiest of all.

You can even love flirting with other women and tell them how fabulous their coat is and that you love their purse and begin receiving attention and affection from girlfriends in the line at the grocery store… you can flirt and tease kids and tell them they’d be your hero if they would sing jingle bells as loud as they could with you!

When you love flirting, you say YES to life, yes to the unknown, yes to the miracles of interacting with the world. Then in that openness of engaging with the world… your gut will tell you if a man is worthy of your flirting, your intuition will say, trustable or not… and yet that’s an afterthought…don’t let the fear get in the way before you’ve begun, just throw yourself in, have fun and love flirting!

From Sarah: You can learn so much more about how to feel good and find time and pleasure for yourself, even with all the time and energy you’re giving to your children.  Visit Allana’s website read more of her expert advice on how to have fun, love yourself and love flirting.

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