By Susan Birmingham

Here are three (3) questions:

Do YOU have a team?

Who’s on YOUR team, do they help you?

Is it a winning team for YOU?

Hopefully you answered YES to these three questions. If not, then let’s talk about this.

1. Do YOU have a team?

The dictionary definition of team is – a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team of advisers. My definition of team is a group of people that YOU consider to be on YOUR side and they have YOUR best interest at heart, they lift YOU up and support YOU.

2. Who’s on YOUR team?

Your team can consist of many people, or only a few – YOU choose who you want to have on it. Here are some examples of the people you may have, or may want to have, on your team: Your spouse or partner, family, close friends, and co-workers. Maybe your doctor, lawyer, accountant, along with your house keeper, hair stylist, and trainer. And for your spiritual side your pastor, priest or rabbi. AND Least us not forget your life coach!

3. Is it a winning team for YOU?

Simply put, if you can count on these people, then it’s a winning team. I want my teammates to be trustworthy, honest, have integrity, are loyal, and possess a sense of humor – these are just some of the qualities that are in line with the values that are important to me. Look at what values are important to YOU, this will help you recognize them in others.

Some members of the team are the ones that are there for you no matter what, till death you part. I am blessed to have a few of them on my team.

In summary whoever is on YOUR team will be an influencing factor regarding the quality of your life and how you live it. I want my team to encourage me, support me, and love me. I want them to LIFT ME UP – all of this builds my self esteem, and I want that for you TOO!

I will end with how I began:

Do YOU have a team?
Who is on YOUR team, do they help YOU?
Is it a winning team for YOU?

I would love to hear your definition of team.

Susan Birmingham

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