By Dr. Cindy Brown

It seems today in our rapid paced world we are all trying so hard to do so much to spread our message, share our passion and gifts with the world, get ahead, stay a float, make ends meet and just have the lifestyle we want, that we often sacrifice our own physical well being, health, relationships, success and our lives for this material, business and financial success. Does this sound familiar to you?

I know many friends, colleagues and clients that complain to me how tired and frustrated they are with the amount of hours they put in just to keep their business running and survive their expenses, or to keep up with those they compare themselves to. That doesn’t sound like a very fun place to be, does it?

Why do people do this? There is a better way, I live it so I will share with you how I do it.

The key here is to learn how to balance all you want and need to do and still be successful, healthy and happy. RIGHT? I know it’s easy for me to say, however it may be a challenge for some of you to change your set ways and patterns and adopt, try on and implement some different strategies and daily rituals in order for you to have different results.

If you are ready and willing to learn some simple new ways of running your business and life you may change your life for the better as I have. Are you ready? Okay, let’s learn the first important steps to having a relationships with yourself.

STEP 1: STOP AND FOCUS INWARD- Spend some time each day as a daily ritual getting comfortable with who you are. Look in the mirror without negative feedback. Instead be positive, fall in love with yourself, force yourself to have only good thoughts and feelings. Then only focus on the good feelings you feel about yourself and feel that inside you. Next sit in silence holding onto the good feelings. Listen to your inner voice. Research shows that focusing inward on positive thoughts and feelings about yourself has positive effects on your body, mind and actions.

I teach a method to my coaching clients called EMT- Emotional Management Technique™. This helps you get to know and understand and manage your inner committee so you can be more successful in your life and business. To find out more about EMT you can purchase my new book, or buy my Relationships Secrets Product or schedule a coaching session so I can assist you in this transformational process. Being aware of who you are inside helps you to negotiate your thoughts, emotions and reactions on the outside.

When you understand and can manage yourself from the inside-out, you can interact more successfully with others and have a better life!

STEP 2: KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO FUNCTION OPTIMALLY! When you are in-tune and in-touch with your personal needs you can actively attend to them and then function better. Some of the most important needs we have are nutrition & fluid intake, sleep, zone time, exercise & movement, social/relationship, passion, career, self expression time and personal/spiritual time.

Knowing yourself inside and out helps you function better. I know that I need cycles of sleep 3, 6 or 9hrs, I need to eat every 2-3 hours and drink 1 cup of water an hour. Begin to become more aware of your own personal needs by slowing down and leaving space to listen, “be” and understand what you are needing on a minute by minute basis and then tryout, implement these strategies (put yourself first) and practices and see the results. If you never STOP to listen and understand your overall needs, you will never know until it’s too late!! Don’t be one of those people where your body has to shut down on you to give you the loud MESSAGE of STOP!

STEP 3: PLANNING- Successful people plan out everything. Unsuccessful people wing it, or go from one activity to the next and hope other things will get handled or done and then time runs out and your needs get neglected. I plan everything along with my assistant and team; my workouts, errands, calls, meetings, clients, speaking gigs, vacations, relaxation time, massages, shopping time, girl time, relationship time, sex time, beach time, meals and my nap time etc. Everything, even spontaneous unscheduled activities have a time slot. Try for one week planning everything! Then write me an email and tell me what your results were. Planning allows us to balance what we need to do, while seeing our capacity for that level of activity. When you schedule with a team of people, they may be able to help you do that in a more realistic humane way.

Dr. Cindy Brown, author of The Cinderella System, helps Women and Men understand themselves better from the Inside-Out, So You Too can have a Successful Life and Relationship Now! Get her newsletter Relationship Intelligence and free Special Report and Audio Class.

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