by Gaye Wright

How to get good value for money out of a psychic reading
Firstly, my apologies to potential clients who are open and receptive, as most people are when they have a reading.

A good psychic doesn t want prompts. I am not interested in drawing information out of a client so I can then look good by spitting it back to them in another form and claim it was a psychic insight. That is boring and a waste of time. I want potential clients to know that a psychic reading is a shared affair. Both of us are involved – so why not get involved?

Psychic readings are about creating pathways into the shared consciousness where the real knowledge is waiting for us. But I cannot get the information you need for you unless you open the pathway for me.

With my psychic gifts and many years of experience, yes, I can open pathways myself. And I understand that if someone comes to me for a reading them they have given me permission to create a pathway for them. But I would dearly love to create it with them and get so much more out of our time together. This is the same for any genuine psychic.

Good value for money is good business in anyone s terms. I have taken the liberty of speaking out on behalf of all genuine psychics making their living using their craft. If you pay good money then you deserve good value.

Genuine psychics are not interested in a quick fix that doesn t really convince anyone. They want you to get the most valuable insights for your situation. They have pride in what they do. But they cannot do this without your co-operation. Of course it goes without saying that I am referring to genuine psychics like myself and my team.

So, my advice on how to get good value out of your reading

  • Be open hearted with your psychic. They are human and like to hear a friendly tone as much as you do. Everyone knows that an anxious person can sound defensive but your heart s intention to be open will break through any resistance in your voice. Even though I have a naturally calming voice I have cultivated what I call the voice of my heart to further support my clients to a state of peace and calm.
  • Understand that your psychic is not a control freak who can order psychic insights at will. There has to be a context for psychic insights to have the biggest impact for good. Giving a little background can sometimes prepare the way for the insight to come more quickly.
  • Work with your psychic. If they come forth with an insight that helps you, then let them know. It will speed up the reading no end. A little love goes a long way!
  • Please don t judge yourself or your psychic if everything is not resolved by the end of your time together. That puts too much expectation on all concerned. Sure, a short reading can give you just the help you needed then. But at other times it takes longer. Timing is a delicate issue.

I think I have said enough now. It s up to you and it s up to me to create the pathways to psychic success together!

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