relationshipby Dominique

What can a woman do about the basic relationship fear – the bottom line fear that haunts so many of us women – that we’re “not enough” to have what we want?

This is not a simple fear; it’s insidious and far reaching, and it’s prevalent in a great many women. For many of us this fear never completely goes away. It can linger with us always, BUT it can be greatly alleviated and given its proper perspective. Here are 3 Tools to help you:

1. Filling your life with activities that make you feel great helps enormously.

Taking loving care of yourself, your health through eating well and exercising, your emotional and spiritual well being by doing nice things for yourself, treating yourself well, even if it’s only a long, hot soak in the bath with your favorite smells wafting from the bubbles, candles lit, your favorite, soothing music in the background, maybe a glass of wine or champagne.

It’s the little being nice to yourself gestures such as this that change a woman’s consciousness which reprograms those old tapes that loop endlessly inside your brain.

Loving yourself in real, tangible, physical ways can dilute and dissolve relationship fear and get you back your self-esteem and confidence.

2. Another tool I like is to ask a woman to smile at herself every time she catches sight of herself in a mirror or a plate glass window or door.

Smile as if this image looking back you is your best friend, your beloved.

It will feel silly at first.

You may not want to believe yourself, but little bit by little bit you will. You can almost feel relationship fear fade away in the bright light of your own strong feelings for yourself.

3. Self-pleasuring is also great for upping a woman’s feelings about herself.

When you’re able to pleasure yourself freely, no guilt, no inhibition, wow…not so easy sometimes to get there, but when you do…

Let Dominique help you get “into” yourself – in a loving way that will make you feel so much better and shift your “vibe” so that men will be instantly attracted to you. Learn more about Dominique’s amazing book “Sex and Heart”  to help you get past relationship fear and into the relationship you want and CAN have, and get her free newsletters here->

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