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Today we reach into the Dirty Dialogue mailbag and pull out a couple of questions I’m going to solve with “confidence“. How much fun is THAT?!

Looks like some girls had questions about my good ol’ Dirty Diary…

Lets go over it, shall we?


“I read the first Dirty Diary you sent! It was good, but I don’t know if I got the message behind it.

I understand that she wanted to have sex that night and he didn’t know it was gonna happen and that she knew what to say and do to get him in the mood and that she got him turned on enough to make it last until they both couldn’t do it anymore.

Was there more to it than that?”


My Answer

Well Ashley, You’re most certainly on the right track.

But there is one key element that you missed. This element is so subtle that its no surprise that it may have been overlooked.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. (The story was designed to leave you guessing).

The subtlety here is one that exposes a universal trait amongst men. Its something that, no matter what kind of man he is or what he finds “physically” attractive, will hit him at his most primal core.

Now, if you notice the theme of this story, the boyfriend is the kind of guy who likes to be in control (as most men do).

He expected the same ol’ thing from his girlfriend.

(This is VERY common amongst couples in relationships…you know, slipping into routine patterns and falling into mundane expectations of each other.)

(This also kills sexual attraction at a deep level. Nothing routine is exciting. Ever. In fact, the “Spark” that we all try so desperately to keep alive is born of pure spontaneity and discovering new things. Routine = boring = not sexy).

But this time, she broke the mold.

Not only did she “break” the mold, but she INSTIGATED something new an exciting (in herself of course) which he instantly picked up on…before any words what so ever.

Notice how in the car she took control of the situation. She OWNED the interaction. And she did this by INSTIGATING the vibe and taking things sexual quickly (hence grabbing his cock and whispering in his ear).

The result? He felt enslaved by her primal feminine desires…which ignited his deep, lustful craving to ravage her as soon as humanly possible.

Here’s the bottom line: Instigating (i.e. Stepping up and taking control, without any fear of judgment, pain or embarrassment…the subtlety in question) displays an undeniable surge of confidence that no man can resist.

This requires 2 things.

We call these “Inner” and “Outer” Game.

Inner Game Consists Of A Solid Core Sexual Confidence

Core Sexual Confidence exists outside of social conditioning (i.e. everything you’ve been told is right or wrong your entire life…especially focusing on what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do sexually out of fear of judgment by others).

Inner game comes from knowing exactly what it is you want, but its easier said then done. Building up this core confidence is not an overnight process. Its all internal, and all takes time.

Outer Game, on the other hand, are the things you can do and say RIGHT AWAY to get the results you are looking for. These are the answers to the “What do I say?” questions I hear all the time.

Outer Game Is Actually A Skill Set Of Confidence Builders And Actions  You Can Learn And Apply Instantly.

But its by no means “good” enough by itself.

Using lines and tactics will give you short term results, but building that INNER feminine core confidence is what really matters in the long run.

This is done by using “Outer Game” tactics as training wheels to build comfort and confidence through repetitive action.

To your sexual confidence!


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