How To Get Going When Nothing Else Seems To Work

We can all use some quick, easy and effective suggestions for motivating ourselves when we feel stuck.

 – 1. Centering

One of the first things to do is to slow down and focus on “centering” yourself. You can do this most easily by taking a deep breath. Literally take a couple of deep breaths and let them out slowly. Breathing is powerful in calming you down and allowing better thought processes to occur.

 – 2. Look Into Someone’s Eyes

Anyone’s eyes – wherever you are – or if you’re alone, look into a mirror. This eye to eye connection helps to calm and center you.

 – 3. Ask For Help

Sometimes you re too close to the picture to be able to see the big picture and therefore the solution to the problem. Help is often available and knowing that there is a way out even if you can’t see it is extremely important.

Believe that you can be helped and you do deserve help no matter what.

Einstein said You can t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. In other words either you have to shift your thinking or have someone else help you to find the solution. Talk to someone that you know will support you, and not add to your stress level.

Sometimes a good friend or family member fills this roll. Other times a coach, minister or therapist can offer not only a sympathetic ear, but also techniques and advice to guide you through your challenge. Tell them if you just want them to listen, or if you want them to listen and then offer advice. Remember you do have your own answers but sometimes you can t see them without shifting or having support.

– 4. Look For Opportunities For “Me” Time

Place a little distance between you and your problem.

This sometimes is physical distance, other times just closing your eyes and deep breathing, creating a safe space for you to balance yourself.

Take a walk. This simple act often allows you to clear your head, and regain your perspective.

 – 5. Express Yourself, Honestly

There are a number of ways to do this. Write your feelings down, like in journaling. Putting your thoughts on paper is powerful and often releases them so your mind can clear. Sometimes a guided writing format helps.

If writing isn’t a practical solution or it isn’t going to do it at the time, you may want to try blowing off a little steam with some loud expression.

This often can be challenging to shout your feelings, and not disturb others. One way to do this is to stack several pillows on a bed or couch and place your head deep into them and shout away!

If you re near nature where there aren’t a lot of people around, you can shout and only the squirrels or seagulls will hear you. Once you’ve expressed yourself, you’ll feel a release and then hopefully you will more balanced.

Whatever combination you use, there is always a way out.

Know that there is and you will find it. Now take a deep breath, and face your day!


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