by Cherry Norris

Maria was out to dinner with her girlfriends.

At the restaurant, she noticed a cute man standing by the bar.

Maria looked at him. The man turned, saw her. Embarrassed, Maria dropped her eyes and turned her head.

“Oh my God he’s looking at me,” Maria blushed.

“Go up and introduce yourself,” one friend chided.

“No!” advised the other. “If he’s really interested, he’ll approach you. You don’t have to do anything.”

Maria waited. The man didn’t approach. Damn. Another missed opportunity.

Has this happened to you?

You see a cute man you’d like to meet, but you haven’t felt comfortable knowing what to do or say so the opportunity passes. The result is you don’t meet.

Next time you see a man you like, try this simple, fail-proof strategy. You will have him literally tripping over his feet to meet you!

1. Spot the Man You Want to Meet

This requires going out and finding your man. So gather your girlfriends and go out for drinks. Or meet at the gym. Or plan a ski trip.

Think of where your man would be. Is he athletic? Is he an intellectual? Is he a world traveler? If so, where would he go?

Think of places your man could be. Then go to those places.

(Be sure to dress cute!)

Once you find your man, position yourself so he can see you easily.

2. Catch His Eye and Smile for 6 Seconds

Yes, a five second smile works too. (Just no less than four!) Yes, it feels like forever, but it works. If he turns his head away, keep smiling. He will eventually look back at you.

Take a deep breath. Breathing lifts your breasts and will calm you down. (Two benefits in one.)

If your man is available and interested, he will approach you. (This is when he may trip over himself!)

3. Wait for Him to Speak First

When your man approaches you, let him speak first. Let him start the conversation. Let him say whatever he wants to say.

It’s tough when you are nervous and want to say something. You feel so vulnerable … but it’s important you don’t.

Instead, bit your lip and wait for him. If he speaks first, you know he’s interested.

Even if he says something odd like, “Where’d you get your shoes?” (You’ll laugh about it later.) Your man is brave. He’s a hero. It takes courage for your man to walk across the room and say “hello.”

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Love, Cherry

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