relationshipConfidence is attractive. We all know that. A man who doesn’t have enough confidence to make you feel relaxed around him actually makes you feel “icky.”

Well – men are a lot more forgiving about confidence than we are – they like the “girly” blush and the awkwardness – it makes them feel more manly.

But what they don’t like is a woman who doesn’t know what she wants, can’t make her mind up, and seems like she’s apologizing for just being there.

A man doesn’t want a woman who gives off a “needy” vibe.

And so – a certain amount of confidence in yourself is crucial.

Especially on a first date – where you’re already nervous and want to make a good impression – and just generally feel stressed.

Confidence Is Attractive to the Opposite Sex

There are many ways to get the confidence you need to make a first date successful. Making a good first impression is important on a first date, most impressions are made in the first five minutes.

To feel confident and attractive on a first date:

1. Make sure your appearance is the best that it can be.

Asking friends to help you with this important part of your date will be helpful. Sometimes we ALL need a second opinion on our attire and grooming.

Start early getting ready for your date so you will not be stressed when getting ready of this first date.

2. Knowing what to talk about is a confidence builder

Jot down a few things you would like your date to know about yourself.

If you also think of questions you would like to ask your date it will be helpful. Let your date do most of the talking and get to know him by using your talents as a great listener.

3. Know something about the location of your date

If you’re going to see a movie, having some knowledge about it beforehand will give you something to talk about.

4. Try to be yourself.

This is not a time to act in a manner that will not show your personality.

Don’t try new hair styles or clothes that are not clothes that you would normally wear.

Be yourself and you’ll feel more confident.

5. Mind your manners by trying to remember all the things that your momma taught you can help make a good impression.

Don’t forget to say thank you, act courteous and never use bad language.

You can feel confident by using good manners that you will be taken seriously as a person who your date would like to know better.

6. Don’t worry about a first kiss

Sometimes we can be so worried about where this relationship is going that we feel insecure about the whole date.

Have fun and let this relationship develop naturally. Kissing on the first date does not predict the direction of this relationship. If you are too physical on the first date, it can make you look desperate. Be confident by using good judgment in your physical relationship on the first date.

First dates can be stressful if you worry the whole time about what type of impression you are making on your date. Relax, have fun and feel confident, this is the best way to attract the opposite sex. Confidence is sexy, make sure you have on the look that lets your date know you think you are worth dating again.

A lot of us are overwhelmed by the relatively new world of online dating.  Sometimes it seems like it can put even more pressure on a first date, because you’ve already interacted online and have ideas about each other without ever meeting. But there is so much possibility for success and wonderful dates!

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